How Grief Coaching Could’ve Helped Me

Like most people, I have experienced tragedy in my life; the sudden loss of my second child at infancy was devastating and painful. I went through the grieving process and was supported by loved ones. Having a coach coming alongside to help me work through my pain, would have made a positive impact.

Grief Coaching is a relatively new specialty of life coaching which focuses on helping clients transition and adjust to a new reality as a result of their loss. The grieving process is natural, and so, as a grief coach, you will be able to help the client with coping strategies. You will also assist them in processing whatever type of loss they have encountered.

How Grief Coaching Could’ve Helped Me
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Most of us will experience loss at some point in our lives. The loss does not just mean physical death, but also it can take the form of:

  • Divorce
  • loss of other significant relationships
  • job loss
  • financial loss

…and more.

When we experience loss of any kind in our lives, it is essential to learn how to deal with the grief when it occurs. Grief coaching helps clients to be able to handle pain healthily and productively. The coach can work alongside clients to help them move past the grief, and assist them with the tools they need in living a functional and healthy life.

What is The Difference Between Grief Coaching And Grief Therapy?

While therapy can be beneficial with deep-rooted emotional issues or psychological issues, grief coaching is designed to help the client recover more quickly from the loss. As a coach, you will be partnering with your client to help them move past where they are in the grieving process healthily, and productively… to where they need to be.

The difference between these two approaches is that grief therapy or counseling focuses more on the behavioral and emotional issues. The goal is to bring the client to normal functioning. Contrarily, grief coaching focuses on coming alongside the client to help them forge a positive vision for their new reality and future. As useful as coaching is, there will be times that the coach may have to refer complicated cases to a licensed mental health therapist when they deem necessary.

Training For Grief Coaching Professionals

Although the United States and most countries do not require you become credentialed to practice, consider certification from a recognized or accredited program. Several coaches pursue credentialing and training because it helps to validate their expertise in the coaching specialty they chose. Also, it makes you as a coach more marketable and respected. There are some coaches with advanced degrees (like a Masters in counseling), but it is not required. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredits programs that deliver coach training. To find out the best grief coaching training program for you, visit their website at

What Benefits Do I Offer Clients as a Grief Coach?

As a coach, you will be able to do the following for your clients;

  • Assist clients in identifying their life direction going forward.
  • (In the case of a lost loved one) you’d help clients to visualize a future without their loved one.
  • (In the case of a financial loss) you will be able to help clients identify resources and ideas to create new economic opportunities.
  • Help clients to discover challenges associated with their grief.
  • Help clients in moving past the obstacles and refocusing on life’s possibilities.
  • Helps clients to comprehend grief, as a natural human response to death or any other tragic situation.

Death, loss, and grief is unavoidable, and, at some point, each of us will face loss… and the emotions that come afterward. Grief coaching is very beneficial in the lives of people, and I would highly recommend it to clients, family, and friends.

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