The Psychology of Coaching Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The psychology of coaching our current presidential candidates is not for the faint of heart. Our two main candidates, with apologies to Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, are the most unpopular candidates to oppose each other in the history of the United States. It’s the usual rhetoric and personal attacks, combined with downright contempt from the American electorate. But someone has to win! It’s going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Psychology Coaching 5 Factors … [Read more...]

What is the Positive Psychology Coaching Model?

Using a positive psychology coaching model instead of a normal coaching model for your practice really isn’t much different. If you’ve been taught through traditional coaching programs, don’t be scared away by positive psychology – it will fit in well with your current practice and it’s really not that much different from what you already do. Positive psychology is an evidence based framework of coaching that aligns with what most coaches already do – it is now backed with science and … [Read more...]

Positive Psychology Courses Will Make You a Better Coach

Taking positive psychology courses is a great way for coaches to improve their skills, continue their education, and enhance their chances for coaching success. Positive psychology is a natural fit for coaches as coaching seeks to help clients improve and enhance their overall sense of well-being and happiness. What is Positive Psychology? Positive psychology is the scientific study of the virtues, strengths, and talents that enable individuals to prosper. It focuses on potential … [Read more...]

Sport Psychology for Coaching and Why Life Coaches Should Look at Sports

Can sport psychology for coaching be applied to life, executive, and other types of coaching? Can some of the motivational techniques used by athletic coaches also be used in life, health, wealth, or career coaching sessions? Does incorporating sport psychology for coaching into a professional practice mean a coach can become better at coaching? Sports is Like Life and Sports Coaching Can Be Like Life Coaching In many ways sports is very much like life, and it offers plenty of life lessons … [Read more...]

Start a Special Group for Coaching Psychology

Here’s an idea for life coaches – start a special group for coaching psychology. You’re probably wondering why you would want to do that. What’s a group going to do for my coaching practice? Coaching Psychology is Trending With the popularity of using psychological models and assessment tools in life coaching, the trend will be toward an increased awareness of the role of coaching psychology in coaching. Application used in counseling and psychiatry will cross over and be modified for use … [Read more...]

Great Coaches Understand Inner Game Coaching

What is inner game coaching? What is the inner game? Is coaching the inner game the same as any other type of coaching? What is Inner Game Coaching? A client's inner game is made up of their thoughts, beliefs, motivations, feelings, and values. It is everything that is “inside” that causes actions. Being an inner game coach means that you are helping the client expand their self-awareness by seeing themselves more clearly – both how they are perceived by others and how they perceive … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching in Jaipur

Can you find psychology coaching Jaipur? What is the level of coaching in India? Do they have good coaches who can really make a difference? Is India Third World or Developed? For those of us who live in the United States, we often think of India as a third-world country. Thirty years ago, a majority if its people lived in abject poverty, but things have changed. Though India has many problems that are similar to third-world, or developing nations, it also has a fast growing middle … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching, Team Sports, and Success in Your Coaching Business

Psychology coaching, team sports, and success are words you often see if the same article, and those articles are usually about sports. But, can you use these words in the context of your non-sports coaching? oaching is Not Team Sports Most coaches coach one-on-one, or they coach individuals in a group session; they are not coaching teams. But, many coaches work with individuals who take what they have learned and apply them within a framework that might be considered team oriented. … [Read more...]

Why is Positive Psychology the Science at The Heart of Coaching?

Why is positive psychology the science at the heart of coaching? Well, first it might wise to provide a meaning of positive psychology and how it relates to coaching. What is Positive Psychology? Positive psychology is a relatively new area of coaching. In the past decade it has caught the collective interest of both coaching professionals and the public alike. Doing a Google search for “positive psychology” will bring up over two million hits. In many ways, positive psychology is the … [Read more...]

How to Belong to a Special Group of Coaching Psychology Experts

Joining a special group of coaching psychology experts isn't about shelling out some dues and becoming a member. Being included in a special group of coaching psychology experts isn't about money or privilege or class, it's all about hard work, training, and education. Becoming an Expert is a Long, Winding Road If you want to become an expert at coaching, or at anything in life, it's not an easy road. The journey is not for the impatient or the faint of heart. Expertise takes times – … [Read more...]