Inner Game Coaching – Technique to Improve Performance

Inner Game Coaching can help improve your leadership game or your short game in golf. If you aren’t familiar with the term, think of inner game coaching as the kind of coaching that breaks through the lies you tell yourself that prevent you from winning. Tim Gallwey, an expert on the topic says, “There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How aware you are of this game can make the difference between success and failure in the outer game.”

Inner Game Coaching - Technique to Improve Performance
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The Connection Between Potential and Interference

In simple terms, performance is potential minus interference. To improve performance you have to increase potential or lower interference. Inner game coaching can help lower internal interference and improve performance. The possibilities are endless if we can control that little voice in our heads that tells us, ‘you can’t do that’.

Principles and Methods of Inner Game Coaching

We have all met someone and thought, ‘if they would just get outta their own way they could be successful.’ The principles and methods of inner game coaching are designed to do just that — help us get out of our own way!

The most profound concept of inner game coaching is the idea that each of us are comprised of two ‘selves’. One self is logical and fearful and one is instinctive. We can improve our performance by simply quieting the fearful self.

The key to shutting up the first self is to focus our awareness on what is happening. This gives our second self a moment to take over and get the job done! Imagine presenting a critical update to your company. Instead of thinking, ‘don’t screw up’, confidently deliver the information. Removing the internal criticism while you present allows you to be present and focus on reality — delivering key information to your organization.

Inner Game Coaching Starts With You

Inner game coaching can be a wonderful tool to use with clients. Before you use it, it’s important to master the tool with yourself first. Use the simple techniques outlined above to identify the obstacles you are creating in your own mind and GET RID OF THEM!

Becoming your own inner game coach will help you shift your inner game away from old, tired criticisms that do not serve you, and focus your attention on the reality.  As a result, you can begin using that new reality as the basis for improving.

Mastering this coaching skill will give you great stories to share with your clients to help them on their journey.

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