How to Apply Psychology in Coaching

How to Apply Psychology in Coaching

Very often, we see a strong parallel between life coaching and psychology and even come across the term psychology in coaching. But before exploring how psychology and life coaching are intertwined, it is worthwhile to look at how they differ. Qualification - A psychologist has a doctoral degree in the workings of the mind and the understanding of dynamics that develop between people. They must be licensed in order to practice as well as assess, diagnose, and treat different … [Read more...]

Psychology in Coaching: Why Partying Is Crucial For Success

My experience with psychology in coaching is a lot different than the good ol’ days of college. Back then the psychology was all about delayed gratification. Don’t party, study. And then study some more for the entire semester. Who can hold that type of schedule without losing motivation? Now I know what was missing from orientation week. The Psychology In Coaching For Fulfillment And Motivation Celebrating victories is essential in the psychology of coaching for success. The two main … [Read more...]

Psychology In Coaching The Mental Picture

By developing your psychology in coaching, it will help to manifest the tangible results of your mental pictures. Beliefs are embedded deep within your psychology. While coaching, behavior patterns begin to show up and this is an indicator of your beliefs system. This is all tied into your psychology. A positive self-concept allows for grow and encouragement. Just as a negative self-concept tends to slow you down and discourages success. How Does Psychology In Coaching Work? The key to doing … [Read more...]