Psychology Life Coach

Psychology Life Coach And Psychologist: How Do They Differ?

One of the most significant similarities between a psychology life coach and a psychologist is they are both in the business of helping people. Although there are differences in their approaches, these two professionals are focused on aiding people in receiving the help they need to live their most authentic lives. To understand how a psychology life coach differs from a psychologist, you must know what they do. Understanding the difference between these two professions will not only help the … [Read more...]

Be a Psychology Life Coach, but Be VERY Careful

A psychology life coach is like a switch hitter, but does their flexibility translate into a higher batting average? Here are some advantages and disadvantages to following this challenging approach to coaching – or is it a challenging approach to psychotherapy? Hard to say, and that is the root of the problem. Coach Versus Therapist There are two key differences between a psychologist and a coach, and here is a good way to think about them. First a psychologist generally works with people … [Read more...]

Psychology Life Coach – Putting the Psychology into Life Coaching

What is a Psychology life coach? Is there even such a thing? To arrive at an answer we need to define a life coach and distinguish it from a psychologist. While the life coaching world is a bit like the wild west – anyone can set themselves up to be a life coach and make their own rules – there are some factors that define a life coach. A life coach is a trained professional who, through active listening and inquiry, helps clients define, create, and achieve specific goals. A life coach … [Read more...]

How to Take Away The Fear Of Becoming A Psychology Life Coach

What is the difference between a psychology life coach and a psychologist? The main difference is the university degree and credentials that a psychologist has to earn before using the title. Unless you have the credentials, you don't want people to think you are a psychologist unless you want to get in major trouble with the law. There is a place for psychology life coaches, and without understanding human psychology. 3 Keys to Success as a Psychology Life Coach Understanding What People … [Read more...]