Fitness Coaching Jobs – a Healthy Career

One way to stay healthy while you work is to grab one of the many fitness coaching jobs that will be available in the coming years. The fitness coaching industry is sure to expand and jobs are certain to be plentiful as an aging population seeks ways to stay active, healthy, and attempt to ward off the effects of aging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the fitness coaching field will grow by nearly 30 percent in the next decade – will you be ready to take advantage of this boom? … [Read more...]

Wellness Coaching Jobs Will Be All The Rage

The boom in wellness coaching jobs is here. Get in on the boom while you can as the field will continue to expand as baby boomers age and their pursuit of the fountain of youth becomes even more pronounced and desperate. Take advantage of their desperation and become a wellness coach and you will have your pick of wellness coaching jobs. Wellness Coaching Jobs Will be All The Rage The baby boom generation includes people born between 1946 and 1964, and they are starting to get old, but they … [Read more...]

How to Become a Wellness Coach in PA

For those of you who are residents of the Keystone state, here is some information on how to become a wellness coach in PA. Just like all other states in the United States, there are no education or training requirements to become a wellness coach in Pennsylvania. Residents in PA can hang out a sign that says “Wellness Coach” and start marketing for clients. No government, state or federal regulates wellness coach certification. However, this doesn't mean that the best advice on how to become … [Read more...]

Why Become a Cancer Coach

What is the best answer to the question, “Why become a cancer coach?” Cancer is one of the most tragic diseases in the world today and if you become a cancer coach you can have a positive impact on thousands of lives. Cancer coaches help cancer patients find the most up-to-date medical information regarding conventional patient care, help them learn about effective, complementary care, and even counsel them on alternative forms of cancer treatment. That’s right - the best answer is that you … [Read more...]

Do You Think You Know How to Coach the Burnout-Athlete-Sport-Player?

One of the most important questions in youth and high school sports is, “How to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player.” Why do young athletes burnout? Why does a promising baseball player give it up at the age of 16? Or, what makes a star tennis player on the way to national competition, suddenly give up the sport at the age of 14? It’s called burnout, and it generally refers to the emotional, physical, and psychological withdrawal from a sport or activity that was once a passion. Learning how … [Read more...]

Conflict Coaching: Blessed Are the Peace Makers

Conflict coaching involves coaching one or more parties in a conflict so that they are able to defuse or resolve the conflict. It is not negotiating, nor negotiating training. Like all coaching, it involves dealing with the obvious and the internal. It involves managing interactions and intra-actions. It is a very much needed, yet a seldom taught capability. Here are three dimensions of this science and art. Conflicts Arising from Behavioral Styles People have been classifying people according … [Read more...]

Become a Cancer Coach And Impact The Lives of Thousands

Up until very recent times, almost everyone asking to become a cancer coach was a cancer survivor or a relative or friend of a cancer victim. This was because most people had not fully appreciated the impact that cancer has on the individual, family and society. Today, most countries around the world have strong cancer organizations that work towards improving the lives of patients and care givers. These national bodies have been a huge success. We now have international cancer organizations … [Read more...]

The Future is Now For Careers in Wellness Coaching

Careers in wellness coaching will be plentiful as the demand continues to increase. Fitness coaches have been popular for a long time, but just as 50 is the new 40, wellness coaches are the new fitness trainers. It’s the career of the present and future! People not only want learn to work out properly, they also want to eat less, control their bad habits ( smoking, drinking, etc.), and reduce their daily stress levels. The old-fashioned fitness trainer who meets you at the gym, guides you … [Read more...]

How to Become a Wellness Coach?

So you’ve been giving friends and family free advice for years, and you’re wondering how to become a wellness coach for real? It just so happens that wellness coaching is one of the largest and fastest-growing opportunities on the planet! With preparation, planning, and perseverance, you can make a highly successful career out of helping others live their healthiest, most energized, and most actualized lives. What is a Wellness Coach? Let’s start with a brief look at what it means to be a … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Success In Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching skills are much more essential than most people realize. Conflict doesn’t go just go away like a disagreement. Conflict occurs when someone perceives that one or more of his survival needs is being threatened. As tough as it sounds, conflict coaching can turn this challenge into an opportunity for growth. Conflict Coaching Essentials 1. Prepare or die. Make sure your client isn’t too hungry, angry, tired or lonely before going into the meeting. 2. Ambience is everything. … [Read more...]