How to Coach Burnout – Athlete- Sport – Player?

Blog articles are often based around keyword phrases that are generated automatically by some program, and the one for today is, “how to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player.” If anyone is looking for the keyword phrase, “how to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player,” they may want to go back and take English 101 again or read a grammar book. I realize that the Internet wasn't built by grammar addicts, but this one may be pushing the grammatically incorrect envelope just a bit! What Does, How to … [Read more...]

Do You Think You Know How to Coach the Burnout-Athlete-Sport-Player?

One of the most important questions in youth and high school sports is, “How to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player.” Why do young athletes burnout? Why does a promising baseball player give it up at the age of 16? Or, what makes a star tennis player on the way to national competition, suddenly give up the sport at the age of 14? It’s called burnout, and it generally refers to the emotional, physical, and psychological withdrawal from a sport or activity that was once a passion. Learning how … [Read more...]