Fitness Coaching Jobs – a Healthy Career

One way to stay healthy while you work is to grab one of the many fitness coaching jobs that will be available in the coming years. The fitness coaching industry is sure to expand and jobs are certain to be plentiful as an aging population seeks ways to stay active, healthy, and attempt to ward off the effects of aging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the fitness coaching field will grow by nearly 30 percent in the next decade – will you be ready to take advantage of this boom? … [Read more...]

Fitness Coaching Jobs and How to Get Them

With an aging population and an emphasis on health and wellness, fitness coaching jobs might be the next big thing in the coaching field. If you like to pump iron, run marathons, do martial arts, pursue Cross-Fit challenges, or any type of fitness, you might want to consider a fitness coaching job. Who Becomes a Fitness Coach? You don't have to be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger to go into fitness coaching – though many Californians probably wish Arnold had gone into fitness coaching instead … [Read more...]

Fitness Coaching Jobs: Stay Active While You Work

Fitness coaching jobs offer the opportunity to make good money and stay active while you work. In these difficult economic times, jobs can be hard to find. However, with an aging population looking to stay active, and a increased interest in battling obesity, the demand for fitness and health trainers continues to increase. People want to stay healthy, age slowly, and remain in good physical condition. Many people realize that knowledgeable coaching is essential when pursuing their healthy … [Read more...]