The Future is Now For Careers in Wellness Coaching

Careers in wellness coaching will be plentiful as the demand continues to increase. Fitness coaches have been popular for a long time, but just as 50 is the new 40, wellness coaches are the new fitness trainers. It’s the career of the present and future! People not only want learn to work out properly, they also want to eat less, control their bad habits ( smoking, drinking, etc.), and reduce their daily stress levels. The old-fashioned fitness trainer who meets you at the gym, guides you … [Read more...]

Careers in Wellness Coaching: Real Alchemy

Opportunities abound out there for careers in wellness coaching. Wellness coaches work with individuals and groups in supporting them to engage in healthy living. This includes areas of health such as weight management, fitness, diabetes management, nutrition, and others that impact an individual’s health. You can work individually with clients and support their healthy lifestyle changes; or work for a coaching company that contracts wellness coaching to corporations; or you can work directly … [Read more...]

Careers in Wellness Coaching: Health Coaching For The Most Dangerous Health Risk Factor

Health Coaching is not just a niche- it’s a super niche.  There are many possible careers in wellness coaching, such as weigh management, smoking cessation, and nutritional coaching.  But among all these careers in wellness coaching, there is one factor that if dealt with properly, could be the lynch pin that solves all these barriers to health.   The most common risk factor I find in health coaching is that people are driven to fulfill their need for certainty in their life. The Need for … [Read more...]