4 Popular Wellness Coach Certification Programs

There are many wellness coach certification programs available to anyone who seeks to become a health and wellness coach. These wellness coach certification programs offer skills and knowledge for individuals seeking to start a dynamic career within the health care industry. With so many programs – how do you decide which is the right one for you? What to Look For in Wellness Coaching Certification Programs There are many great programs, but there are also many scams and programs … [Read more...]

How to Coach Burnout – Athlete- Sport – Player?

Blog articles are often based around keyword phrases that are generated automatically by some program, and the one for today is, “how to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player.” If anyone is looking for the keyword phrase, “how to coach burnout-athlete-sport-player,” they may want to go back and take English 101 again or read a grammar book. I realize that the Internet wasn't built by grammar addicts, but this one may be pushing the grammatically incorrect envelope just a bit! What Does, How to … [Read more...]

The University of Delaware Health Coaching Certificate Program

The University of Delaware health coaching certificate is a graduate program designed to offer students and professionals who work in the industry the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in health coaching. The skills taught are used to facilitate behavioral change that reduces chronic disease and promotes a healthy lifestyle. What Will the University of Delaware Health Coaching Certificate Do For You? The University of Delaware health coach certificate program will help you learn … [Read more...]

Why You Should Become a Cancer Coach

Become a cancer coach and heal the world! Sounds like a wonderful idea, and it would certainly help millions of people if they could work with a coach as they struggle to defeat this deadly disease. However, becoming a cancer coach is not for the faint of heart. Cancer Coaching is Not for the Weak When you become a cancer coach, you will be entering a world where you deal with people's emotions, and these emotions are often raw and unrestrained. Can you handle this? Are you willing … [Read more...]

The Future of Wellness Coaching Jobs

Will wellness coaching jobs be in demand or will the field stagnate? Is wellness coaching in an upward trend or has it reached a plateau and leveled out? America – Land of the Fat There's a real disconnect in America – people want to live healthy, but the country just keeps getting fatter and fatter. Obesity is at almost epidemic levels and diabetes has been on the rise for some time. But, there's a constant emphasis on diet, nutrition, and exercise. What gives? There's probably a … [Read more...]

Boost the Bottom Line With a Business Wellness Coaching Program

Every corporation wants to improve their profits, but most CEOs probably don't think a wellness coaching program can boost the bottom line. Many business owners only think that a wellness coaching program would just create an additional expense. Wellness Coaching Program = Happy and Healthy Employees Running a business is all about bringing in more money than you send out – income needs to exceed expenses if you want to stay in business. Business owners and executives need to manage … [Read more...]

So Many Wellness Coaching Programs to Choose From

There are many wellness coaching programs to choose from when beginning your career as a health and wellness coach. How do you wade through all the hype and find the right program for your needs? So Many Wellness Coaching Programs – Which One is Right For You? The first step is to know who you are and what you want. Clarify your goals and aspirations. Do you want a new career? Are you seeking a substantial second income? Are you seeking a more flexible schedule? Do you have a … [Read more...]

Does a Wellness Health Coach Need to be Healthy and Well?

Does a wellness health coach need to be healthy and well? This might seem like a strange question – along the lines of -Who's buried in Grant's tomb? But, it is an important question to think about before you jump into the health and wellness coaching field. Coaches Should be Role Models Charles Barkley, outspoken former NBA star, once famously quipped, “I’m not a role model.” Perhaps he is right and our society shouldn't look to professional athletes as role models, but if you are going … [Read more...]

The Hottest Question in Coaching – What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

What is a health and wellness coach? That's what everyone is asking these days. Why? Because it's the latest trend in fitness and coaching. Most people don't imagine themselves working with a health and wellness coach. When you're a young adult, you might hire a personal fitness trainer for a time, but seeking out the services of a health and wellness coach doesn't usually cross your mind. Baby Boomers and the Quest for the Fountain of Youth However, as you grow older, as the millions of … [Read more...]

What is Health Coaching and What Does a Health Coach Do?

What is health coaching? What is any type of coaching? If you are going to be a coach, it may help to define your occupation so you can better understand what is needed to be a successful coach. What is Health Coaching and What is a Health Coach? Myles Downey, one of Europe's foremost business coaches and author of many books, defines coaching as, “ the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another.” The health coach would then facilitate the performance, … [Read more...]