Why New Years Goals in Health Coaching Inevitably Fail: How to Become a Health Coaching Who Helps Their Clients Succeed

At the gym yesterday, it was obvious that everyone had made some type of New Years health coaching goal.  The place was packed, as I knew they would be.  At least for the next month, when things taper off.  I was thinking about what it takes to become a health coach who keeps their clients on track, because by summer, only the dedicated and committed will still be at the gym.  If you are to become a health coach who really makes a difference, you need to know what separates those who stick with … [Read more...]

Health Coaching During the Flu Season: Wellness Coaching Through the Most Dangerous Season

is not for the faint of heart during the flu season. Once everyone has been vaccinated, what’s left to do? Just sit and wait for the inevitable? Wellness coaching is especially valuable during the holiday season. Unfortunately most people aren’t out looking for health coaching right now; they are gearing up for the holidays. But if you start promoting wellness coaching now, you can really help make it a happy new year. Why Wellness Coaching and Health Coaching Are Somewhat Seasonal It’s not … [Read more...]

Health Coaching Basics: Become a Health Coach Who Sees What Most Coaches Miss

You can become a health coach just by asking the right questions. I was doing an initial goal setting session with someone this morning and it unexpectedly became a health coaching session. I say unexpectedly because this guy seemed like a fitness guru himself, until I asked some clarifying questions. Truth be known, he only sleeps an average of 3 or 4 hours a night. I don’t specialize in health coaching, but I recognized that pattern of adrenal burnout syndrome; in other words, running on … [Read more...]

Careers in Wellness Coaching: Health Coaching For The Most Dangerous Health Risk Factor

Health Coaching is not just a niche- it’s a super niche.  There are many possible careers in wellness coaching, such as weigh management, smoking cessation, and nutritional coaching.  But among all these careers in wellness coaching, there is one factor that if dealt with properly, could be the lynch pin that solves all these barriers to health.   The most common risk factor I find in health coaching is that people are driven to fulfill their need for certainty in their life. The Need for … [Read more...]