Conflict Coaching: Blessed Are the Peace Makers

Conflict coaching involves coaching one or more parties in a conflict so that they are able to defuse or resolve the conflict. It is not negotiating, nor negotiating training. Like all coaching, it involves dealing with the obvious and the internal. It involves managing interactions and intra-actions. It is a very much needed, yet a seldom taught capability. Here are three dimensions of this science and art. Conflicts Arising from Behavioral Styles People have been classifying people according … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Success In Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching skills are much more essential than most people realize. Conflict doesn’t go just go away like a disagreement. Conflict occurs when someone perceives that one or more of his survival needs is being threatened. As tough as it sounds, conflict coaching can turn this challenge into an opportunity for growth. Conflict Coaching Essentials 1. Prepare or die. Make sure your client isn’t too hungry, angry, tired or lonely before going into the meeting. 2. Ambience is everything. … [Read more...]

Finding A Resolution Using Conflict Coaching

Finding a resolution using conflict coaching mitigates time, energy and money. Any time you’re involved with a level of conflict it drains you. It mainly drains your focus and energy and a coaching just could be the answer. Conflict coaches are trained to develop strategies in order to mediate the conflict in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of damage. So What Is Conflict Coaching? Conflict coaching is much like mediation where two or more parties come to together to resolve … [Read more...]