How Do You Become a Life Coach Who Can Help Their Clients Achieve Financial Independence: Simple Coach Training Tips for Success

How do you become a life coach who makes a difference for their client’s personal finances?  What kind of coach training do you need?  How you view money is key to improving your finances or those of your clients.  It is the relationship we have with money that keeps us poor.  Also, we continually try to prove our wealth by buying the latest things.   How can we break the cycle?  These coach training tips will provide you with the basics to help you become a life coach who coaches their clients … [Read more...]

When You Become a Life Coach Who Creates Unstoppable Confidence in Yourself and Your Clients, Your Life Coaching Career Will Really Take Off

How can you become a life coach who instills confidence in their clients? This Secret Will Take Your Life Ccoaching Career From Average to Great Overnight What is Confidence Anyway? How Can You Impact Clients' Confidence During Your Life Coaching Career? Confidence is merely a state of mind you create through your use of three forces that you control: your Language, your Physiology (how you use your body), and your Beliefs. If you become a life coach who can turn your confidence on when … [Read more...]

How To Overcome Adversity While You Become a Life Coach? Becoming a Life Coach Who Can Handle Any Situation

Do you ever feel like you are becoming a life coach who is getting stuck, or that a problem comes up that seems too big to handle? It happens to your clients, but not to you, of course! Ultimately, adversity effect all of us, and starting and growing a coaching business is no exception. Your ability to handle adversity can be a great beacon of hope to your clients, or you lack of handling your own adversity can kill any good advice that you do happen to bring your clients as well. These … [Read more...]