Becoming a Life Coach: Life Coach Tips to Establish Instant Rapport With Your Clients

Get Even the Most Reserved People to Warm up to You Using These Seven Simple Life Coach Tips

 isn’t always as easy as it seems. What happens when you begin a session and feel like your client is not engaged?  You’re getting one word answers to your open-ended questions, and you start to feel panicky.  Relax, and enjoy these seven simple life coach tips that will immediately ease your strain upon the road to becoming a life coach.

Life coach tips #1: When speaking, match pitch and rhythm with their tone – on an unconscious level this is familiar to them and will help them feel more at ease. This will also help you get yourself out of your own head, because becoming a life coach is about being able to truly see the world from your clients’ perspective.

Life coach tips #2: If you are doing a face to face session, match body language. Again this is something that your client unconsciously relates to.

Life coach tips #3: Smile. Even if you are on the phone. The warmth you generate will come through.

Life coach tips #4: Set the right intentions. Get yourself into the state where your number one intention is to help and serve your client. Becoming a life coach is about the client, their goals, and needs. Everyone has their b.s. detector up pretty high these days. Don’t think you can fake it.

Life coach tips #5: Be a mirror for your clients’ responses. Repeat back to them what they have shared suing their precise working and terminology. They will know that you are listening, and you understand them. This will also help you in becoming a life coach; and understanding your clients.

Life coach tips #6: Refer to DISC or other assessment results. You will have instant access to your clients’ personality type, values, and how to communicate in their style.

Life coach tips #7: If you are nervous, it usually means you are focusing on yourself and your needs. Becoming a life coach means you need to feel competent in your abilities? You need to know yourself as someone who really offers value.  Use your body’s feedback to shift your focus onto your client, and remember…it’s not about you.

So if feel like you are having difficulty establishing rapport, remember these 6 simple tips and you will find yourself back on track before you know it.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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