How to Become a Life Coach: Becoming a Life Coach Who Is Destined for Greatness

Are you interested in how to become a life coach or are you committed to becoming a life coach who is truly world class?  Not everyone wants to know how to become a life coach who is considered to be great.  Some people want to become a life coach who is just good enough to make a decent living.  Becoming a life coach is challenging enough without trying to be the best.  Which one are you?

If You Are Interested in Becoming a Life Coach Who is Great You’ll Need Mentoring and Coaching

Becoming a life coach who is determined to be great takes mentoring and coaching.  What’s the difference?  To become a coach you’ll need a mentor.  Someone who has already become a coach at the level you are striving to achieve.  A mentor can show you the ropes of coaching, like an attending physician and a resident.  A mentor can help you learn to recognize pattern of behaviors in people, help find solutions for challenging clients who aren’t getting results, and can be someone to bounce ideas off.

Become a Life Coach Who is Aware of Your Blind Spots Through Coaching

So why do you need to learn how to be a coach to become a life coach who is the cream of the crop?  We all have limiting beliefs that are in the way of becoming who we want to be.  Becoming a world class coach is no exception.  You will have limiting beliefs that will keep you from being who you need to be, but also will limit what is possible for you clients.  If you aren’t getting coaching for yourself, how will you see your blind spots and navigate around them?

In Your Quest of Greatness it is Essential to Become a Life Coach Who Reflects on Your Sessions

The third distinction between how to become a life coach who is average and becoming a life coach who is excellent is to reflect on your sessions once you’ve completed them.   If your clients linger in your mind after you hang up the phone and keep you up late at night searching for ways to transform them, you’re on the right track.  I’m not talking about sabotaging self-talk, but about asking yourself with curiosity how to improve your performance.

These are the basics to becoming a life coach who will be able to successfully coach even the most challenging clients.  The real question is whether you will become a life coach who strives to be the best you can be, or will you settle?

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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