What Most Coach Training Programs Won’t Offer: The Secret Element You Must Have When Becoming a Life Coach

Why is environment so important in a coach training and becoming a life coach? According to recent studies 50% of your success will be determined by your environment and 40% by your mindset or attitude. So it seems obvious that when looking for a coach training program, you would want to be around positive people and an environment is supportive to your goals. But what about the skills you need to get from a coach training? How important are those in becoming a life coach?

The Big Coach Training Mistake That Most Coaches Make

If your goal is becoming a life coach, specifically a well paid life coach, you might think that the most important aspect of a coach training program is learning the skills you need. But studies show that only 10% of your success is determined by your skill sets. In becoming a life coach, or any other endeavor.

Obtaining basic and advanced coaching skills, marketing skills, and product development skills are crucial to becoming a life coach with a viable coaching practice. But where a lot of coach training programs fall short, is in creating an environment that will truly transform ordinary people into world class coaches.

When Becoming a Life Coach, People Work on Their Mindset or Attitude, But Most People Completely Ignore Their Environment.

How do you expect to attend a weekend coach training, come back to your old environment, and experience permanent transformation? You could, but it will take much more persistence on your part. It’s like trying to learn a new language. It‘s much easier to put yourself into an environment where people are speaking that language. You can try swimming against the tide, but it’s much easier to catch a big wave and go with it.

So if your goal is becoming a life coach, or any other type of coach, make sure the coach training you choose will allow you to become immersed into an environment that will help you achieve your goals.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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    May I know who carried out the research: Factors of success: 10% knowledge, 50% environment and 40% character? Want a proper reference please. Many thanks

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