How Can I Become a Coach? Becoming a Life Coach on a Shoestring Budget

People Often Ask, How Can I Become a Coach?”

“What are the start up costs in becoming a life coach?” “How can I become a coach if I don’t have a lot of extra money?” Becoming a life coach and starting up your own practice doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune.

How You Can Start Becoming a Life Coach on a Shoe String Budget:

  1. Get a phone. If it’s a cell phone, use it to make your appointments and you can coach just about anywhere.

  2. Get a library card. It’s free, and as you are becoming a life coach you will need to improve you knowledge base for strategies and coaching technologies.

  3. Find a computer with internet access. You can get free coaches training on, which will definitely help you in becoming a life coach. You can even get access at most public libraries.

  4. Find a mentor. If you are really committed to becoming a life coach, you will need a mentor to guide you. Or at least get some coaching.

Once you have the equipment, you may find yourself asking, “How can I become a coach? I don’t have any clients.” Start by offering complimentary sessions to everyone you know. From those people, depending on your relationship with them, you will find two categories of people. Those who you will coach, and those who know other people you can provide free sessions for. You will need to coach at least 5 clients per week. For free if necessary, until you are confident in your ability to provide specific, measurable, ambitious, results for your clients that they know they would not have been able to achieve without your coaching.

Once that question is solved you will ask, “How can I become a coach who gets paid for what they do?” When you are able to provide so much value in a free session that your client sees coaching as the only vehicle to really achieving their goals, the consequences of staying where they are, and the pleasure they will have once they achieve their goals, they will pay you.

And once that question is solved, hopefully you answer the most important question which is, “How can I become a coach who is committed to elevating the coaching profession by providing exceptional results for my clients.” That’s the most important question a coach can ask!

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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