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Tips on Coaching: Conduct an Effective Coaching Session

Tips on Coaching Here are some tips on coaching and conducting an effective coaching session: Set the stage for success You need to set the stage for success to get the best results from your coaching session. This means creating a safe environment in which open communication can occur. This can be challenging when working with someone from a more traditional culture where people are conditioned not to speak their minds. You need to make them feel comfortable enough so that they … [Read more...]

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Giving Advice in a Coaching Session

Recently, team member Kris Thompson wrote about how Coaching Works Best in a “Loop”. His point was “Get ahead of your client through learning and experience so you can ‘lead the way’ more powerfully and authentically”. But it wasn’t more than 24 hours after he shared his message… …when another coach commented “You mean TEACHING works best in a loop. A Coach doesn’t teach”: And I thought “Oh no. Here we go.” (See my response to this comment at the end of the email.) Dogma … [Read more...]

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The Introverted Coach

A new coaching student just quit because they’re afraid to talk to people. And it reminded me how DEADLY fear is to a coaching business. The truth is… even after 22+ years of full-time professional coaching… I’m STILL afraid to talk to you. Perhaps most coaches don’t have this fear of talking to people. Meeting people. …and, yes, COACHING people. But I certainly DO. So why am I still here, a successful coach… …while other coaches quit due to fear? I still had to … [Read more...]

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Change Your Life with Mindset Coaching Courses

Have you thought about mindset coaching courses as a way to embrace change? You may have heard these terms online or seen them in ads. Mindset coaching is an effective avenue for gaining the mindset strength you need to live a happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life. It is one of the fastest advancing industries on the planet, which validates its critical role in people's lives. What is mindset coaching? Mindset coaching is a therapeutic approach that helps individuals develop their … [Read more...]

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Scheduling More Discovery Sessions (Mindsets)

Last week, I told you the 3 keys to setting Discovery Sessions: Share the top 3 benefits of your discovery session.Ask DIRECTLY “Would you like to have a discovery session?”After asking, be silent for as long as it takes them to answer you. But many coaches still don’t use these 3 keys. Why? Because they are afraid of REJECTION. Fear of rejection (coaching flavor) is a result of these 3 disempowering mindsets: “I’m not a good enough coach”“This particular person doesn’t … [Read more...]

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Is Your Client Testing You?

Are you “bending over backwards” to get or keep your coaching clients? Too many coaches depend on PEOPLE PLEASING to enroll (or retain) their clients… …treating their coaching business like it’s a customer service job. That makes client enrollment and retention HARDER. AND it wastes too much time… …stealing you away from building a successful coaching business. And then coaches wonder why they can’t make enough money coaching! If you’re feeling that way, it’s not … [Read more...]

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Warning Signs Managers Need Training on Coaching Skills

Do your managers need training on coaching skills? If you can train your team members to become better managers, they will be willing to learn and grow. Coaching is an action that involves guiding and helping someone achieve their goals at a faster pace than they might on their own. It’s something that every manager should master because it helps them see things from their employees’ point of view so they can work together as a team. Let’s look at some signs that your managers need training on … [Read more...]

Types of Coaching Skills Training in the Workplace

Types of Coaching Skills Training in the Workplace

What are the different types of coaching skills training? As a coach, it's important to be aware of the different types of training that exist and to know which coaching skills are best suited for each type. In this blog post, we'll explore the four main types of coaching skills training in the workplace—executive coaching, integrated coaching, team coaching, and virtual coaching. We'll also explain how coaching skills can help to improve teams in the workplace. Types of coaching skills … [Read more...]

Training for Coaching Skills: Advancing Yourself

Training for Coaching Skills: Advancing Yourself

If you're an aspiring coach or a coach who's looking to advance yourself, training for coaching skills is essential. To become a great coach, it takes more than just certifications. You need practical experience, continual learning, and hands-on practice.  But what if you can’t afford on-site training, or those programs are out of your budget? What do you do then. Lucky for us there are some amazing ways to learn all about these topics at home! Training can be done wherever and … [Read more...]

Why I Coach Failing Clients

Why I Coach Failing Clients

I was just referred to a new client who was having a tough time. He was homeless. He didn’t have a job. He was estranged from his family… …and living on the streets of San Diego. I asked a friend who lived near him to deliver some food… ...some sandwiches, fruit, etc. And then I coached him. Even though this guy was really down in the dumps… …It didn’t deter me. Why? Because the worse off clients … [Read more...]