Why Mindset is Everything in Coaching

Why is mindset so important in coaching? It’s important in THREE specific ways: FIRST, Mindset is important to your coaching client’s success: You can tell clients what to do as a consultant… ...or help ‘patients’ uncover their past hurts and gain clarity as a psychologist… ...or you can shift your client’s mindset. When you change your client’s mindset deeply enough… ...you change their life. When you change your client’s mindset deeply enough…you change their … [Read more...]

The Value of Selfishness in Coaching

Has anyone ever told you that you were “high maintenance”? The first time someone told me that, I got defensive. “Not me!” “I don’t get weekly manicures…” “...I barely wear make-up…” “...and I don’t shop at Chanel.” Looking back at that defensive version of myself makes me realize… ...I did everything to prove to the world that I was the opposite of high maintenance. ...I tried soooo hard to be easy-going and low maintenance. But that eventually turned into being … [Read more...]

Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training for Leaders

Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training for Leaders

What is coaching and mentoring skills training for leaders? It is focused on corporate professionals who want to develop their coaching and mentoring skills. It revolves around continuous and guided learning for corporate leaders so that they can build better and constructive relationships with their colleagues and team members.  Coaching and mentoring skill training enables leaders to gain a better understanding of their team members and lead the team through a series of conversations … [Read more...]

Coaching Skills Training Courses for Managers

Coaching Skills Training Courses for Managers

Coaching skills training courses are often sought after by managers to enable them to perform their tasks more effectively. Coaching is nothing but connecting with people and inspiring them to do their best, while assisting them to grow. It's all about being creative and encouraging individuals to come up with their own answers or solutions. With the right training, managers can unlock the power of coaching and improve the performance of their team. Let’s dive into how coaching skills … [Read more...]

Changing Your Client’s Reality

Last week I talked about the craziest coaching session ever… ...And my client who was dealing with his Russian mail-order bride who hired a hitman to kill him... ...and how I couldn’t get past my ‘stuff’ about that… ...which taught me that I can’t coach my client if I get caught up in their issues. But what about your client’s ‘stuff’? How do you get YOUR CLIENTS past THEIR story so THEY can transform? How do you get YOUR CLIENTS past THEIR story so THEY can transform?" For … [Read more...]

Connecting Coaching to Your Client’s Dream

Have you ever thought... ”I can totally help this person!” ...and yet they don’t enroll in coaching with you? It used to happen to me all the time… ...until I learned a simple ‘Dream Conversation’. This is the process I promised to share at the end of my last email… ...when I shared the story of my blind coaching client who bought a car… ...not because it was practical… ...but because it fulfilled a dream. The point was that clients don’t buy coaching… ...or … [Read more...]

Coaching Business Tips to Strengthen Your Mindset

It’s easy to daydream about working part-time as a coach… ...making 6 figures… ...working from the beach… ...and looking good doing it. BUT the coaches with dream businesses have one thing in common… ...strong coaching business mindset “muscles”. What are these muscles? Endurance Muscles: Persevering When You’re Tired Just like running a marathon, building a coaching business takes time... often longer than you think. You need to develop endurance muscles so you … [Read more...]

5 Coaching Business Mindset Mistakes

Have you ever wondered how you can make a huge difference in your clients’ lives… ...yet can’t develop a thriving coaching business of your own? Many good coaches struggle with this. Even though they have an amazing mindset when it comes to coaching... ...they haven’t developed a business mindset. These mindsets are a world apart. Even the most awesome coaching mindset isn’t a substitute for an effective business mindset. It’s easy to assume that the coaching mindset is a … [Read more...]

How to Customize Your Coaching

Have you ever been upset when you were treated just like everyone else? Someone tried to give you things you didn’t need… ...and only a tiny bit of what you actually wanted? Me too. A one-size-fits-all approach never sat well with me. Why do so many coaches look for cookie cutter methods? Why do they want one approach to work with every client? You need to customize your approach to each client. Every client is unique. Every client is unique." Start customizing your … [Read more...]

16 Rapport Building Tools for Coaches

How do you get a complete stranger to confide in you during a discovery session? One of my first discovery sessions was with an older man in failing health. We didn’t have much in common. But I still managed to create massive rapport with him… ...which was essential to engage him in deep coaching. He shared his dreams and his challenges… ...his deepest fears of inadequacy… ...and by the end of the call, he was sobbing. The rapport we developed was essential for that … [Read more...]