Don’t Blindly Follow Coaches

The other day, a coach asked me if their ‘big coaching business idea’ was worth doing… “...all the experts say it will fail,” they told me. I said “Don’t listen to them.” “Your idea sounds great… go for it.” They said “Great!…I was going to try it anyway, but now I feel better about it.” I laughed, “Then why did you ask me??” The coach said “Because I wanted to make sure it was ok.” And I realized… …they were asking for my permission… …to do what they already knew was … [Read more...]

Business Coaching Tips and the Art of Data Capture

There are plenty of business coaching tips you can offer your clients that will help them become better leaders and entrepreneurs. One of the most valuable tips being offered is how to complete a strategic plan. Most business owners know a little about strategic planning, but great coaches can really break it down and give them powerful new tools to wield in their quest for success and profit. One of those tools is data capture. Why a Strategic Plan? Strategic plans are needed because … [Read more...]

Become a Business Coach Who is Not All Talk: What to Do When You’re Afraid to Take Your Own Business Coaching Tips

A lot of people who want to become a business coach think all they need is a few good strategies and techniques. These are the same people who quote, “Those who can’t, teach” or in this case “coach.” But if all you needed were a few business coaching tips to be successful in getting clients, then everyone would be doing it. If you really want to become a business coach who does more than give good advice, you’re going to need to roll up your own sleeves and get ready to work. Learning a few … [Read more...]