Should You Take an Online Coaching Principles Course?

Should you take an online coaching principles course? Should you spend the time and money to take an online course that teaches the principles of coaching? When you sign up to become a coach, you accept the fact that you will continue your education until the day your career ends. You must constantly pursue new skills, learn new theories, and gain more knowledge.  So, any good course will add value to your coaching, and any good course will make you a better coach. Are You an Experienced … [Read more...]

What is the Mayo Clinic Health Coaching Certification?

You’ve probably heard of the Mayo Clinic, but have you heard of the Mayo Clinic Health Coaching Certification? It is an 11-session course through the Mayo School of Health Science and is also called the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training program. Who is the Mayo Clinic Health Coaching Certification For? The health coaching certification is for students who want to work as health and wellness coaches in diverse settings. It uses both on-site and online training to fully maximize the … [Read more...]

Successful Coaching Is Turning The Gun On The Coach

Successful coaching is getting through your clients’ thick head that they can’t get a thousand percent boost in their business or life until they see themselves as the lion tamer of getting the results they need from coaching. This means they need to be trained to whip you into shape and get you to perform at the highest level you possibly can so they get the most they possibly can out of coaching with you. You have to turn the tables on the way you think of coaching relationships. Coaching … [Read more...]

Mindfulness Coach: Use Meditation to Prepare For Coaching Sessions

Whether you're a mindfulness coach, a business coach, or a life coach, meditation helps you to enter into any coaching session calm, unattached, powerful, and sensitive to your client... It's the ultimate 'neutral gear' to enter into when starting a session. Here's a video about how to use meditation to prepare for coaching sessions: I use this coach's meditation to prepare myself for my coaching sessions: .            Meditation in MP3 … [Read more...]

Business Plan Coaching – Helping Clients Build a Strategic Plan – Step ONE: Capture

When you help your clients with business plan coaching, building a strategic plan is a great skill to have. Running corporate planning retreats and strategic planning consulting are great services to offer, and it makes a huge difference for your clients! Business Plan Coaching Step ONE: The Capture Step (Click HERE to download the PDF Summary) Before your client can start working on their business plan, they need to CAPTURE everything that might help them find the best goals, … [Read more...]

Top Four “Advanced” New Year’s Resolutions For Kick Ass Coaches, Leaders, And Achievers

Here are the top four resolutions to think about making this year if you're a coach, leader, or just all-around achiever. These resolutions are NOT the easy stuff... the common suggestions you see most gurus making for the masses. At the same time, these resolutions are not giant goals, fantasies, or "deprivation attempts". They ARE simple, positive habits that you may, in fact, enjoy, and which are almost guaranteed to transform your life and coaching business for the better. They all … [Read more...]

Wayne Dyer Death – Just the Next Adventure

Multiple media sources and articles have reported on the Wayne Dyer death story. Dyer, self-help guru, a pioneer, a writer, a motivational speaker, and a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey show has died at the age of 75. But, after pondering his passing for a day, I think he may have just gone away to find his next adventure. The Wayne Dyer death story should really be titled, Wayne Dyer’s Next Adventure. Wayne Dyer – One of the Most Influential People in the World In 2014, Mind Body … [Read more...]

What Education is Needed to Become a Life Coach?

What education is needed to become a life coach? The short answer – none! That's right - if you are wondering about the question, what education is needed to become a life coach, well wonder no more. You are not required to have any education at all. A three-year old toddler could become a life coach - without any schooling whatsoever! But, would you want a three-year old to be your life coach? And would you want someone lacking in the right education to be your life coach? What … [Read more...]

Become a Coach There are many ways to become a coach. However, there are also many things you don't need to do in order to be a coach. Many people think they need a certification in order to become a coach, but, in reality, many places in the world don't even require this. Yes, a certification /multiple certifications look more credible, but, many people still feel inadequate as a coach WITH a certification. If you aren't good enough without … [Read more...]