Business Plan Coaching – Helping Clients Build a Strategic Plan – Step TWO: Prioritize

When you help your clients with business plan coaching, building a strategic plan is a great skill to have. Running corporate planning retreats and strategic planning consulting are great services to offer, and it makes a huge difference for your clients!

Business Plan Coaching Step TWO: The Prioritize Step

Strategic Plan Step One - Capture

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In the process of creating their business plan, and once your client has CAPTURED everything that might help them find the best goals, changes, and solutions to create the future for their organization, the next step is for them to hone these ideas down to only the most most valuable items to include in the organization’s strategic plan.

In the “prioritize” step, they’ll eliminate low priority ideas while highlighting the most important actions, goals, and strategies for the organization.

These priorities will drive the decisions, actions, and focus within your client organization, which, over time, will ultimately create it’s destiny.

How to Prioritize

Tell your business coaching client the following:

  • Highlight anything on your capture list that should get done “this year” or is “do or die”. Cross out any obvious fantasies.
  • Review all remaining items and resolve them:
    • Is this item a fantasy, or is it something that needs to get done this year?
    • Decide between ‘fantasy’ and ‘needs to get done’ and mark accordingly.
  • Review all highlighted items and circle anything that is obviously a ‘do or die’ goal.
  • Review the remaining highlighted items. Is there anything else that should be considered a “do or die” goal? Mark them accordingly.

What to Prioritize

Your business plan coaching clients should consider prioritizing only things that are the best strategies, ideas, and actions that produce the MOST progress for their business, including:

  • Anything required for the organization’s survival
  • Anything required for the organization’s growth (Consider a variety of time frames.)
  • Any primary constraint on the organization’s growth towards it’s ultimate goals, vision, and fulfillment of the mission

Other Steps in The Strategic Planning Process

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