Tomas Svitorka Life Coach, Business Coach, and Success Coach for Entrepreneurs

Life Coaching Business Case Study: Psychology School to Six Figure Success Coach [Tomas Svitorka]

Do you want to turn your experience, training, or college or university degree into a life coaching business?  Have you ever considered that your background could make you the perfect success coach? In the video (and transcription) below is a coaching business case study with Master Coach University graduate Tomas Svitorka.   Tomas is going to show us how his psychology degree became a six-figure coaching & international speaking business… his first year of full time … [Read more...]

What are the Benefits of Using Business Coaching Case Studies?

Business coaching case studies are merely examples of how other coaches handled certain situations in the business coaching realm. They provide the background on specific circumstances, and detail the methods used to resolve any issues and to improve the situation. An Outline for a Business Coaching Case Study Good business coaching case studies, ones that you can use to improve your business coaching skills, should offer a few of the basics for your consideration and analysis. This … [Read more...]