What is Coach Training?

In this video (and below) I’m going to explain what coach training is, along with a few ways that you can start your own coach training today.

We’ll also discuss three ways you can start your own coach training today:

  • 00:38 What is Coach Training?
  • 2:32 How You Can Start Your Own Coach Training Right Now
  • 2:32 Using Books
  • 3:07 Watching Videos
  • 3:35 Practicing And Applying The Techniques

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What is Coach Training?

00:38 Coach training is training made for people to become coaches (or for already existing coaches) to:

  • Get effective coaching skills
  • Get effective knowledge around coaching
  • Effectively train them in coaching mindsets

00:59 What do I mean by coaching skills?

Skills, simply put, are the ability to actually do the coaching.

Transferring skills to someone else is something that requires a certain amount of training.

Knowledge about coaching could be very helpful… just what you know alone… although coaching isn’t just about teaching people knowledge. If you have knowledge about what makes good coaching, or what the principle or competencies of coaching are, that keeps you grounded and centered in the process of coaching as well… just knowing what to do, and maybe what to avoid as a coach as well.

01:37 What about coaching mindset?

Everybody has a mindset, a mood, an attitude, an emotion, a spirit, and a way of thinking, feeling, and operating… and that comes from the inside out.
As coaches, our mindset affects the actual coaching ability that we have. You could have great skills, but if you’re not in the right mindset at that moment, you may not be effective as a coach.

02:01 Training (the best training, at least) for coaches is going to provide better and more powerful mindset, more powerful emotions, and more powerful spirit behind the actual knowledge and skills that a coach is supposed to be able to provide their clients.

How You Can Start Your Own Coach Training Right Now

2:32 Read Coaching Books:

There are plenty of books on the art, the science, the procedures, the competencies, the practices, and the very dialogues of coaching now.

Audiobooks For Coach Training
Audiobooks For Coach Training

Start giving yourself (and filling yourself up with) the knowledge and the demonstrations of some of the skill sets that you can later start practicing.

3:06 Watch Coaching Videos:

Even though today we’re talking more theoretically about coaching, we’ve got videos on the Master Coach University youtube channel that cover quite a bit of demonstration and explanation of the skills, the mindsets, and the knowledge that a coach should have… so check them out.

Watching videos is a great way to absorb not only knowledge about coaching, but actually you can even watch some coaching being demonstrated through videos.  It’s a great way to see how it’s done.

03:34 Practice Coaching:

Whether you’re reading books, or watching videos, or going through a full-fledged training, go out and try some of the techniques.  

Practicing Coaching For Training
Practicing Coaching For Training

Use some of the questions that we talk about in coaching.  

Use some of the mindsets.  Get out there and work with some people and say, “Hey, can I practice a little bit of coaching on you?  Is that okay?”

“Hey, can I practice a little bit of coaching on you?  Is that okay?”

Some people are open enough where they’ll say, “Go ahead.  Let us try it. Let’s see what happens.”

Then you can do a little bit of experimenting.

I hope that you took some great value out of this discussion answering the question “What is coach training?”

I also have a question for you:

Do you think coach training is important?  

Do you think a coach needs to get some training before they actually start coaching?  

Why or why not?

I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure that you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions.  

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Jeffrey T. Sooey
Dean, Master Coach University
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