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Keep Your Best People by Being Their Career Coach

Being your employees’ career coach means working to identify opportunities for them, and helping them move on to take advantage of those opportunities. So how does that help you keep your people? Well this is how it works. Create BIG Goals and Demand Hard Work First, as their career coach, you really need to get to know your people. You need to know their strengths, weaknesses and dreams. I highly recommend using assessments to accomplish this. Then help them formulate BIG goals. The kind of … [Read more...]

Coaching Tips: When to Be the “Coaching Nazi”

You’ve heard of the “Good Cop” and the “Bad Cop”, well among the best coaching tips is that sometimes you need to become the “Coaching Nazi”. I am not talking about the nickname for Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Instead the image I am going for is the “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld. You remember: he’s the guy who would cut you off if you said anything he didn’t like – cut you right off, period. So when is it really good to be really, really bad? People often Don’t Value Things until They Are … [Read more...]

Pay for Life Coaching or You’re just a Phony

Here are three reasons why you can’t call yourself a real coach unless you actually pay for life coaching. So if you don’t want to be a phony, find a life coach that you believe in, and go out and sign up for their coaching, and very importantly get out your wallet and slap down some of your hard earned cash. Go ahead, or NEVER call yourself a coach again! The Mentality There is something about putting your money where your mouth is that is liberating. Paying for life coaching is a great … [Read more...]

Rock Their World; Be a Career Coach

These days when jobs are scarce, it is pretty good to help find someone a job. But as a career coach, you can really get inside their head and help them figure out exactly what sort of job fits their style, and values and talents. When you do that, you set your client up for a lifetime of success, and fulfillment. Step1, Do an Assessment With the proper assessment, you can easily determine your client’s style (both when relaxed and when at work), their values and their talents. With this, you … [Read more...]

Building High Performance Teams with Group Coaching

Group coaching can reduce the cost of coaching. It can be less intimidating than one-on-one coaching. And there is the benefit of the “mastermind effect”. But the greatest advantage of coaching groups comes when you are building high performance teams. Launch the Group Using Assessments Using assessments launches your coaching group with a bang. As the coach, you can share insights into the group’s members and their interaction that even longtime team members don’t have. This magic gives you … [Read more...]

You’ll Never Cut It in Business Coaching

That’s right. If you’re not schizophrenic, you’ll never cut it in business coaching. That’s because you need to be a coach AND a business person, to be a business coach. In fact, to be a successful business coach, your brain must first be in the same business as your client – and then you get to be a coach. Business Coaching Is All about the Bottom Line – Sort of So when your client comes to you with a problem, it looks a lot like a business problem – probably something about the bottom line. … [Read more...]

Use Assessments to Supercharge Your Career Coaching

Assessments are scientifically validated psychological instruments. When properly administered and interpreted, assessments can give tremendous insights that you can use to supercharge your career coaching. Assessments, along with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s work history, give the coach what they need to make the perfect match. If Career Coaches Are Matchmakers, What Do They Match? Matches are made based on “style”—how we do what we do, “values” – why we do what we do, and … [Read more...]

Make Sparks Fly for Great Group Coaching

Far more often than not, meetings are a complete waste of time. The leader doesn’t do their homework. Attendees come unprepared. And there are never enough ham-and-swiss-on-rye sandwiches to go around. Unfortunately, your clients enter your group coaching sessions in a meeting state of mind. Don’t Facilitate. Agitate. It is critical from the very first moment to interrupt their “meeting mindset.” You have to startle them into consciousness. And you don’t do that by “facilitating.” So unless … [Read more...]

Three Must-Haves in Coaching Training

There are a LOT of coaching training programs out there. There are good programs, and I am sure that there are some really bad programs. Promises of “certification” or titles of “master coach” don’t guarantee anything in the real world. Before you sign up, check out the school and its faculty, ask for a free coaching session, demand to speak with staff and graduates, check out training materials. And whatever else you do look for these three must-haves. Consider only Comprehensive, … [Read more...]

Without Your Personal Coach, Just Button It Up!

It’s about your belief. It is about credibility. It’s about being the most powerful coach that you can be. How can you tell your prospect of the great value of having a coach, unless you have your personal coach supporting you? How can you present yourself as a great coach without having the benefits of personal coaching? You can’t. First, Establish the Value of Coaching in Your Own Mind What do you say to yourself when you don’t spend your own, hard earned dollars for coaching? Without your … [Read more...]