Three Must-Haves in Coaching Training

There are a LOT of coaching training programs out there. There are good programs, and I am sure that there are some really bad programs. Promises of “certification” or titles of “master coach” don’t guarantee anything in the real world. Before you sign up, check out the school and its faculty, ask for a free coaching session, demand to speak with staff and graduates, check out training materials. And whatever else you do look for these three must-haves.

Consider only Comprehensive, Scientifically Grounded Programs

Look for coaching training that offers accountability coaching (getting people to do what they know they should do, but they don’t want to do), strategy coaching (helping clients achieve their most ambitious goals by addressing fundamental needs, blockages and transformations) and assessment coaching (administering and interpreting scientifically validated psychological instruments to give profound insights). Also make sure the material taught is grounded on well established scientific principles, including NLP. Coaching without mastering this range of coaching methods is like trying to build a house a screwdriver, but not a hammer and saw.

Accept only Coaching Training Programs with a TON of Actual Coaching

Coaching is built on a foundation of scientific principles, but it is an art that must be learned through actual practice. Any program that you consider should include hours and hours of coaching sessions in which you are the coach AND in which you are coached. The experience of coaching in real sessions, combined with hours and hours of being coached result in the mastery of techniques and intense person growth.

Require Coaching Business Training

Unless you are learning coaching purely for amusement, you need to master the business of coaching. This includes business development through networking, public speaking and web-based marketing. It also means establishing business processes like client induction, contracts and how to structure service offering and fees. Without such comprehensive approach, your coaching training will cost you lot of money and a lot of time, but will leave you unprepared to properly serve your clients, and unprepared to be a success in the real world of coaching.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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