Use Assessments to Supercharge Your Career Coaching

Assessments are scientifically validated psychological instruments. When properly administered and interpreted, assessments can give tremendous insights that you can use to supercharge your career coaching. Assessments, along with a comprehensive analysis of a client’s work history, give the coach what they need to make the perfect match.

If Career Coaches Are Matchmakers, What Do They Match?

Matches are made based on “style”—how we do what we do, “values” – why we do what we do, and “attitudes” – how we decide what we decide. With assessment results and a detailed analysis of work history, you can predict how the candidate will interact with others based on their profiles. Career coaching is a two way street. You can also predict the client’s “fit” in various jobs, teams and companies, depending on the characteristics of the jobs, and the styles, values and attitudes of the teams and companies.

Why Interviews Are Not Enough

It has been said that “it is all downhill from the interview”, meaning that people are at their best at the interview. And even if the candidate is being their genuine self, we tend to choose people in interviews that we like – meaning that if we feel personally comfortable with someone during an interview, we tend to select them for the job. The problem is that the job is not having them over to watch a football game and enjoying their company. The job is the job. And what is more relevant is the answer to the question: Does this candidate have the characteristics of people who have been very successful in this job, in companies like this company, in the past.

Career Coaching Works even after the Match Has Been Made

Just as assessments can tell us which candidate will most naturally be successful – without a lot of drama – they can also tell us how to coach all the members of the team to get the best results for all. So whether you are career coaching before the hiring is done, or after, using and understanding assessments can make all the difference for you and your client.

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Dave Iuppa
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