What Do you Expect From Your Personal Coach?

If you hired me as your personal coach, what would you expect from me? How do you think I would help you? When our sessions were finished, what do you expect to have been changed about your life? When you hire someone as a personal coach, there are expectations involved. You expect that your coach to get you from Point A (where you are now) to Point B (where you want to go). Should you have high expectations, or should you keep your expectations low to avoid any disappointment? No matter what … [Read more...]

Without Your Personal Coach, Just Button It Up!

It’s about your belief. It is about credibility. It’s about being the most powerful coach that you can be. How can you tell your prospect of the great value of having a coach, unless you have your personal coach supporting you? How can you present yourself as a great coach without having the benefits of personal coaching? You can’t. First, Establish the Value of Coaching in Your Own Mind What do you say to yourself when you don’t spend your own, hard earned dollars for coaching? Without your … [Read more...]