The Money Objection to Coaching

Have you ever run a free session… ...only to hear at the end… ...that your client can’t afford coaching? And although you know… …that there are plenty of people who CAN afford coaching… …you just don’t seem to know where to find them? In fact, you only seem to talk to everyone who CAN’T afford it? You might think that you keep hearing “the money objection”… …because you’re talking to the wrong people. wrong. There are NO WRONG PEOPLE. In fact, there are … [Read more...]

How Much Does Money Coach Training Cost?

If you are thinking of becoming a financial or money coach, you will definitely need money coach training. Though you can certainly begin coaching without any formal training and you can call yourself a coach without any certifications, money coaching training is virtually essential to your success as a coach. Coaches Need to be Trained and Certified No, it is not a legal or professional requirement to be trained and certified. There are no federal, state, or local rules requiring a coach … [Read more...]