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Scheduling More Discovery Sessions (Mindsets)

Last week, I told you the 3 keys to setting Discovery Sessions: Share the top 3 benefits of your discovery session.Ask DIRECTLY “Would you like to have a discovery session?”After asking, be silent for as long as it takes them to answer you. But many coaches still don’t use these 3 keys. Why? Because they are afraid of REJECTION. Fear of rejection (coaching flavor) is a result of these 3 disempowering mindsets: “I’m not a good enough coach”“This particular person doesn’t … [Read more...]

Coaching Mindset, Coaching Skills

Is Your Client Testing You?

Are you “bending over backwards” to get or keep your coaching clients? Too many coaches depend on PEOPLE PLEASING to enroll (or retain) their clients… …treating their coaching business like it’s a customer service job. That makes client enrollment and retention HARDER. AND it wastes too much time… …stealing you away from building a successful coaching business. And then coaches wonder why they can’t make enough money coaching! If you’re feeling that way, it’s not … [Read more...]

Why I Coach Failing Clients

Why I Coach Failing Clients

I was just referred to a new client who was having a tough time. He was homeless. He didn’t have a job. He was estranged from his family… …and living on the streets of San Diego. I asked a friend who lived near him to deliver some food… ...some sandwiches, fruit, etc. And then I coached him. Even though this guy was really down in the dumps… …It didn’t deter me. Why? Because the worse off clients … [Read more...]

Mindset “Chemistry” For Your Coaching Business

A few weeks ago we talked about the three impacts of mindset in coaching. These three ‘mindset impacts’ MERGE in a coaching business… Your Coach's Mindset…Your Client’s Mindset...Your Coaching Business Mindset. Your coaching business can fail when just one of these mindsets gets off track. But... The IDEAL COMBINATION of ALL THREE MINDSETS becomes MORE than the sum of their parts… your coaching makes a huge impact on the world. How can these mindsets make such a … [Read more...]

Why Mindset is Everything in Coaching

Why is mindset so important in coaching? It’s important in THREE specific ways: FIRST, Mindset is important to your coaching client’s success: You can tell clients what to do as a consultant… ...or help ‘patients’ uncover their past hurts and gain clarity as a psychologist… ...or you can shift your client’s mindset. When you change your client’s mindset deeply enough… change their life. When you change your client’s mindset deeply enough…you change their … [Read more...]

Coaching Business Tips to Strengthen Your Mindset

It’s easy to daydream about working part-time as a coach… ...making 6 figures… ...working from the beach… ...and looking good doing it. BUT the coaches with dream businesses have one thing in common… ...strong coaching business mindset “muscles”. What are these muscles? Endurance Muscles: Persevering When You’re Tired Just like running a marathon, building a coaching business takes time... often longer than you think. You need to develop endurance muscles so you … [Read more...]

5 Coaching Business Mindset Mistakes

Have you ever wondered how you can make a huge difference in your clients’ lives… ...yet can’t develop a thriving coaching business of your own? Many good coaches struggle with this. Even though they have an amazing mindset when it comes to coaching... ...they haven’t developed a business mindset. These mindsets are a world apart. Even the most awesome coaching mindset isn’t a substitute for an effective business mindset. It’s easy to assume that the coaching mindset is a … [Read more...]

How to Develop a Successful Coaching Mindset

How to Develop a Successful Coaching Mindset

As a coach, the extent to which you can make a positive impact on others’ lives is contingent upon two factors – firstly, your skill and your coaching mindset and secondly, your effectiveness as a coach. The purpose of this article is to focus on the coach’s mindset. There are enormously successful coaches and coaches who are barely able to eke out a living from coaching. The difference between these extremes is not their coaching competency, but rather their coaching … [Read more...]