How to break through your fears in your coaching business [3 simple steps]

In last week’s email (check it out HERE on Medium), I shared my dirty little secret about the lie I told myself... Which was really covering up my fears… What’s worse? My fear covered up what I needed to let go of so I could start making progress in my coaching business… Here’s what’s crazy… It only took me 3 simple steps to free myself from that fear and break through my mental block. Those 3 steps help peel away 3 ‘layers’ just like peeling an onion... Here’s how to … [Read more...]

How Do I Become a Coach Who Can Make a Difference in a Client’s Life in 45 Minutes or Less? Life Coaching Training to Get to The Core Issue

How Fast Can You Coach?  How Do I Become a Coach of The Speedy Set? . One of the most common questions coaches and potential coaches ask is, “How do I become a coach who can make a difference in a client’s life in a single session?”  The key is a quick and accurate diagnosis.  Without it, all the life coaching training in the world won’t help you. . Life Coaching Training on What Your Coaching Client Wants: How Do I Become a Coach Who Can Deliver That? “How do I become a coach who finds … [Read more...]

How do I Become a Life Coach When My Own Life is a Mess? Life Coach Tips You Can Use to Help Yourself and Your Clients

Life Coach Tips When You're Asking, "How Do I Become a Coach While I'm Not Successful" Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I become a coach when my own life isn’t in order?”  No one’s perfect, and the most inspirational people have overcome great obstacles.  If you’re asking “How do I become a coach and not feel like a fraud”, there is hope.  Here are some life coach tips to help you move forward. How Do I Become a Coach Without Being The Hypocrite? Paying off Your Credit Card Can be … [Read more...]