How do I Become a Coach, Become a Life Coach

Embarrassing Photo of a Wimpy Coach

When you first started your coaching business you probably thought it was going to be amazing. “I’ll get paid to help people…” “I can coach from anywhere in the world…” What’s not to like? So you embark upon your journey and commit to the process. Then, suddenly… You discover that nothing about starting a coaching business feels comfortable. And that discomfort gets you thinking… “Perhaps I should wait until it feels right?” “I should wait until I have more … [Read more...]

How to break through your fears in your coaching business [3 simple steps]

In last week’s email (check it out HERE on Medium), I shared my dirty little secret about the lie I told myself... Which was really covering up my fears… What’s worse? My fear covered up what I needed to let go of so I could start making progress in my coaching business… Here’s what’s crazy… It only took me 3 simple steps to free myself from that fear and break through my mental block. Those 3 steps help peel away 3 ‘layers’ just like peeling an onion... Here’s how to … [Read more...]

How Do I Become a Coach Who Can Make a Difference in a Client’s Life in 45 Minutes or Less? Life Coaching Training to Get to The Core Issue

How Fast Can You Coach?  How Do I Become a Coach of The Speedy Set? . One of the most common questions coaches and potential coaches ask is, “How do I become a coach who can make a difference in a client’s life in a single session?”  The key is a quick and accurate diagnosis.  Without it, all the life coaching training in the world won’t help you. . Life Coaching Training on What Your Coaching Client Wants: How Do I Become a Coach Who Can Deliver That? “How do I become a coach who finds … [Read more...]

How do I Become a Life Coach When My Own Life is a Mess? Life Coach Tips You Can Use to Help Yourself and Your Clients

Life Coach Tips When You're Asking, "How Do I Become a Coach While I'm Not Successful" Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I become a coach when my own life isn’t in order?”  No one’s perfect, and the most inspirational people have overcome great obstacles.  If you’re asking “How do I become a coach and not feel like a fraud”, there is hope.  Here are some life coach tips to help you move forward. How Do I Become a Coach Without Being The Hypocrite? Paying off Your Credit Card Can be … [Read more...]