5 Reasons the ICF Coaching Competencies Will Not Ensure Success

The International Coach Federation has created a list of eleven ICF coaching competencies that all coaches should embrace and follow. However, are they enough? Do the ICF coaching competencies ensure success for everyone that enters the coaching profession? The ICF coach competencies include essential traits and rules that every coach should use in their practices. These include establishing trust and intimacy with clients, ethical behavior, managing and assessing progress, designing actions, … [Read more...]

How to Become a Wellness Coach on a Tropical Island

Here is the answer to the question “How to become a wellness coach and live on a tropic island?” Sound good? Sound a little too good? Well maybe, but you really can do it. And what is more if you don’t like tropical islands, you can live in the far north with the Eskimos, or even in Erie, Pennsylvania! This Is a Truly Mass Market Paired with “How to become a wellness coach?” is the question “Why become a wellness coach?” That is “Is there a genuine need?” Unfortunately, there is a massive … [Read more...]

Basketball Coach Bullying His Players – Caught on Camera

Most of us have seen the recent video of the Rutgers men's basketball coach bullying his players, using foul language, homophobic slurs, and excessive physical acts to get his coaching points across to his players. Is this a typical example of man coaching young men in a testosterone-driven game to get them to realize the pinnacle of their talents, or is it no different than the bigger, older kid demanding milk money from the smaller, younger kid in the cafeteria lunch line? As a bit of … [Read more...]

OH NO – How do I Set My Personal Coaching Fees?

When starting out in the coaching business, there are many decision that need to be made, but none are as dreaded as decision to be made on your personal coaching fees. How much do I charge? Will it be too high? To low? Will it keep clients away? Or will it bring them through my door? Questions Abound! Will my clients be able to afford my rates? Will low rates bring in the wrong types of clients? Should I charge less than the competition because I am new to coaching? Will … [Read more...]

My Coach U

If I were building a coaching university, completely dedicated to teaching potential coaches how to train for, start, maintain, perfect, and push to its limits of success, a coaching practice, what courses would I have at my Coach U? The Curriculum at My Coach U General Overview of Coaching. This is the first class that a student at my Coach U would take. It details the purpose of coaching, the fundamental traits and attributes of a successful coach, the reasons that coaches coach, and why … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaches Can Make All the Difference

Today in Washington, and corporations, and families, we are suffering terribly from a shortage of good leaders, and no one can have a more direct impact on this sorry state than leadership coaches. If you are interested in helping to fix this problem, become a leadership coach. Here is how. Coaching Comes First Leadership coaching is an area of specialization within coaching, so your first step is to become trained as a skill coach. I strongly recommend mastering assessment, strategy and … [Read more...]

Mental Health Coaching and Depression

It is common to think that people who are suffering from depression need the services of a psychiatrist, but mental health coaching might offer an alternate solution for individuals suffering through periods of depression. An important tool in recovering from depression is having a recovery partner, someone who acts like a sponsor in AA or similar programs. The perfect recovery partner is someone skilled in coaching and mental health – a mental health coach! What is Mental Health Coaching? A … [Read more...]

20 Questions a Leadership Development Coach Needs to Ask

Coaching is all about asking questions, and as a leadership development coach, inquiry is the key. Leadership development coaching entails asking the right questions of your clients in order for them to find the right answers. Don't tell, ask! As a leadership development coach, your inquiry can fall into three principal categories. Here are the categories and the questions that are most likely to generate critical thought and personal reflection in your client while encouraging them to find … [Read more...]