How to Become a Wellness Coach on a Tropical Island

Here is the answer to the question “How to become a wellness coach and live on a tropic island?” Sound good? Sound a little too good? Well maybe, but you really can do it. And what is more if you don’t like tropical islands, you can live in the far north with the Eskimos, or even in Erie, Pennsylvania!

This Is a Truly Mass Market

Paired with “How to become a wellness coach?” is the question “Why become a wellness coach?” That is “Is there a genuine need?” Unfortunately, there is a massive need. Modern society suffers from man-made epidemics of stress, poor nutrition, bad diets, lack of exercise, and poisoning from pollution. What is more the modern world is spreading these problems to every corner of the globe. People feel trapped and are desperately looking for solutions. Hence, an effective wellness coach can find plenty of clients, make plenty of money, and make a great contribution to the world, too.

Four Must-Haves to Pull This Off

There are four must-haves to make this work, but don’t worry, one of them is not having a winning lotto ticket. First, you must have a passion for people and helping them become fit and healthy. Second, you need to become an expert in coaching and in at least one area of health and fitness. Third, you must take action. And the final must-have is so ubiquitous that you can even find it in Erie, and that is access to the internet!

What Are the Details of How to Become a Wellness Coach?

Well we have said a lot about how to become an effective professional coach on this blog. So how to become a wellness coach that makes a real difference for people goes back to developing expertise in one or more areas of health and fitness. My caution here is to adopt a skeptical and rigorously scientific approach here. Don’t raise your clients’ hopes and then dash them with ineffective therapies. If fact this is probably the only way that you can fail in wellness coaching.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. Celine says

    Being a wellness coach is a good niche in coaching that is growing. Nowadays there is a great need for healthy living and a wellness coach can help us with that.

  2. Claire says

    Wanting to share how to live and eat healthy can be your stepping stone into becoming a wellness coach. Having the passion to help others and being committed in what you do are some of the traits a coach must have.

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