20 Questions a Leadership Development Coach Needs to Ask

Coaching is all about asking questions, and as a leadership development coach, inquiry is the key. Leadership development coaching entails asking the right questions of your clients in order for them to find the right answers. Don't tell, ask! As a leadership development coach, your inquiry can fall into three principal categories. Here are the categories and the questions that are most likely to generate critical thought and personal reflection in your client while encouraging them to find … [Read more...]

Leadership Concepts A Leadership Development Coach Needs To Cover

As I reflect back on my experiences from leading Marines, I discovered what I was actually becoming was a leadership development coach. In order to be truly effective coach, one must integrate three major concepts of leadership and they are Authority, Responsibility and Accountability. Without the full power of each concept, you set your subordinates up for failure and this is by no means how a leader develops coaching skills. Now let’s take a closer look at what each of these three concepts … [Read more...]