Determining Your Personal Coaching Fees

How should you determine your personal coaching fees? Does it really matter or should you just pick a number out of a hat? Yes – Your Personal Coaching fee Matters The amount you charge is one of the most important decisions you can make when starting your coaching business. Your personal coaching fees have a direct influence of how many clients will consider your services and actually pay money for your services. You want to get your personal coaching business off to a good start? Take … [Read more...]

OH NO – How do I Set My Personal Coaching Fees?

When starting out in the coaching business, there are many decision that need to be made, but none are as dreaded as decision to be made on your personal coaching fees. How much do I charge? Will it be too high? To low? Will it keep clients away? Or will it bring them through my door? Questions Abound! Will my clients be able to afford my rates? Will low rates bring in the wrong types of clients? Should I charge less than the competition because I am new to coaching? Will … [Read more...]

Personal Coaching Fees – Too High or Too Low?

When deciding on your personal coaching fees, you often ask yourself the question, “How much should I charge?” It is often a dreaded question because the rate you charge has a significant amount of influence on how many clients you will attract and how successful your coaching practice will be. When deciding on your personal coaching fees, you may ask yourself several questions: What if my clients can’t afford my rates? Would I pay myself that much? Should I charge less because I … [Read more...]