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If I were building a coaching university, completely dedicated to teaching potential coaches how to train for, start, maintain, perfect, and push to its limits of success, a coaching practice, what courses would I have at my Coach U?

The Curriculum at My Coach U

General Overview of Coaching. This is the first class that a student at my Coach U would take. It details the purpose of coaching, the fundamental traits and attributes of a successful coach, the reasons that coaches coach, and why coaching works. The course will give you insight into your role as a coach and also highlight your potential to become a successful coach.

How to Build a Successful Coaching Practice – the Business of Coaching. This course would teach everything needed to know about starting a business, from the administrative aspects like licenses, business plans, and city and state requirements, to marketing and promotion. A coaching program without this type of course is setting you up to fail – my Coach U also teaches you how to be a successful businessperson.

Pricing. How to price your services when starting out and how to raise them as you build a client base and get more experience and exposure. Course will include using competitor pricing to set your fees, and why setting your fees too low or too high can hurt your business.

Building a Brand. Details about creating a recognizable brand for your business. Comprehensive details and information about building your coaching brand through traditional methods and social media. In the 21st century, no Coaching U should be without this course.

Building Networks. This course would delineate ways to network and build relationships amongst your peers, business leaders, and community members. Strategies for getting involved in local business and community groups and turning this involvement into new clients and more income are included.

Creating Alternate Streams of Income. This course would teach coaches how to truly boost their profits by using other media to create alternate forms of income. These would include DVDs, books, workshops, CDs, seminars, group coaching, and more. The best way to earn a superstar income is to have several revenue generating pistons operating at the same time.

The Science of Coaching. This course would detail all the strategies, exercises, theories, and assessment tools that coaches use to help their clients and assess their own methods of coaching.

The Art of Coaching. This course is more abstract than the Science of Coaching and talks more about how to use natural intuition and other intangibles to help your clients achieve their goals and dreams. Coaches are both made and born. The science of coaching deals with the part of coaching that can be learned while the art of coaching deals with the part of coaching that comes from natural instincts and traits. Sometimes we don’t recognize or fully nurture these traits – this course will help with that. This course is all about the “U” in Coach U.

Mentor Coaching. This would be the last course you would take, and would be similar to student teaching for education majors at colleges. You would work with an experienced coach, who can provide feedback, constructive criticism, and helpful comments on your coaching ability and style. No good coaching program is complete without effective mentor coaching.

This list is in no way a comprehensive one, but this provides a good start for the curriculum at my Coach U. Since my coaching university is hypothetical and not real, you will need to find a coaching program – but make sure it provides as many of these courses as possible – you will need them to become a successful coach!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. Kazee says

    I sure wish that Coach U was in the works as I love your proposed curriculum. Everything you need to know to begin in the coaching industry is here. Great article.

  2. Marlon says

    I agree that all the programs you listed are needed to become a great coach. You don’t take one course and suddenly you know everything. Practice and continuous education is needed to hone your skills to become an outstanding coach.

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