5 Reasons the ICF Coaching Competencies Will Not Ensure Success

The International Coach Federation has created a list of eleven ICF coaching competencies that all coaches should embrace and follow. However, are they enough? Do the ICF coaching competencies ensure success for everyone that enters the coaching profession? The ICF coach competencies include essential traits and rules that every coach should use in their practices. These include establishing trust and intimacy with clients, ethical behavior, managing and assessing progress, designing actions, … [Read more...]

The ICF Coaching Competencies

One of the most important things to know that will help you run your coaching practice the correct way is the ICF coaching competencies. The ICF (International Coach Federation) has developed 11 core coaching competencies that help to promote a greater understanding about the skills, techniques, and approaches utilized in the coaching profession. These ICF coaching competencies are also used as the foundation for the International Coaching Federation credentialing examination. The 11 ICF … [Read more...]