My Coach U

If I were building a coaching university, completely dedicated to teaching potential coaches how to train for, start, maintain, perfect, and push to its limits of success, a coaching practice, what courses would I have at my Coach U? The Curriculum at My Coach U General Overview of Coaching. This is the first class that a student at my Coach U would take. It details the purpose of coaching, the fundamental traits and attributes of a successful coach, the reasons that coaches coach, and why … [Read more...]

What is Coach U?

Prestigious Coaching Schools Coach U is one of those prestigious ICF coaching schools I talked about in the “Looking For a Prestigious Coaching Certification” post. In fact, when researching “Coach U” I discovered that it was founded in the United States in 1992. In 1997 “Coach U” founded the International Coaches Federation (ICF). If I was a conspiracy buff I might wonder if there is some sort of conspiracy going on here, but since I’m not, suffice it to say, I find this a very interesting and … [Read more...]