The Right Way to Ask How do You Become a Coach

How do you become a coach who has all the answers? Ha Ha Ha!! That was a trick question. You don’t. You will never have all the answers. There are so many people out there who are ready and able to become coaches. The only thing standing in the way is asking the most common “how do you become a coach” questions rather then looking deeper. Sure, I can tell you how to get started, what books to read, what education is important and what kind of coach training options are available. I’m going to … [Read more...]

5 Leadership Coaching Services That Will Make Leaders Out of Followers

As a coach, what type of leadership coaching services can you offer your clients? Can you truly teach someone to be a leader? Or, is a leader born and not made? There is not enough space here to fully debate the issue over whether a leader is born or made, but as a coach, you can provide leadership coaching services that will make them be the best coach they can be. 5 Leadership Coaching Services That Will Make Create Leaders The value of learning The value of building … [Read more...]

My Career Coach College

If you were starting a career coach college, what courses would you offer? What skills do you think are the most important for a successful career coach to possess? Well, if it were my career coach college, I would offer as wide a variety of subjects as possible so my college could provide all the necessary skills needed to graduate students who will go on to successful and rewarding employment in the career coaching field. Here are the main courses at my career coach college and the course … [Read more...]

Conflict Coaching: Blessed Are the Peace Makers

Conflict coaching involves coaching one or more parties in a conflict so that they are able to defuse or resolve the conflict. It is not negotiating, nor negotiating training. Like all coaching, it involves dealing with the obvious and the internal. It involves managing interactions and intra-actions. It is a very much needed, yet a seldom taught capability. Here are three dimensions of this science and art. Conflicts Arising from Behavioral Styles People have been classifying people according … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Life Coach Books

Every great life coach has had a great education, and life coach books offer an effective, affordable way to stay on top of your game! Most top titles are available for purchase through Amazon or other book retailers, and many can even be borrowed from your local library. Life coaching books make a wonderful addition to your training, because you can learn from a wide variety of experienced and inspiring professionals without ever leaving your home or office. Look for books that are … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching Fees

The Fairest Approach to Executive Coaching Fees

When it comes to executive coaching fees, there are a lot of approaches. So much for a session. So much per hour. And something called the value-based approach. There are some pros and cons, but if done right, I believe that using value-based fees can be the fairest approach. Besides, it puts your wallet where your mouth is! How Do Value-Based Fees Work Whether with executive coaching fees, consulting fees, commissions or royalties, the idea behind value-based fees is to tie the money you … [Read more...]

The Single Biggest Mistake You Can Make As A Business Leadership Coach

One of the biggest mistakes that a business leadership coach can make is getting confused between application and benefit. If you are not truly clear about the difference, your business leadership coaching clients can miss the boat entirely. The result will can be costly in terms of blood, sweat, and tears. Application vs. Benefit: What You Need To Know As A Business Leadership Coach When your business clients are excited to share a new product that they have discovered, created, or wish to … [Read more...]

Starting your coaching business

Starting Your Coaching Business: What do I do First?

Starting your coaching business could feel like a far-fetched dream to you. I remember that feeling of wonder and excitement buried under loads of overwhelm, fear and laziness. It is a very slight and distant memory over powered by the best memory of my life. The day I took action and trusted my instincts was the start of a new life for me. If you start your coaching business your fears will vanish too. It Must be Harder Then Simply Starting my Coaching Business Ok, lets talk this through. … [Read more...]

Bizarre Ways to Get Coaching Training

“Bizarre ways to get coaching training.” OK. I picked that title to get your attention. But I am so committed to it that I looked up the word “bizarre” and what do you suppose I found? The definition, of course… “strikingly out of the ordinary.” Hum. Here are three sensible, if perhaps strikingly out of the ordinary ways to become a trained coach. Learn by following these examples. Who else Helps Their Client Play a Different Role? How about a director? Are they involved in coaching training? … [Read more...]

What is Certified Wellness Coach Training?

Certified wellness coach training is designed to empower, educate, and establish trained and certified wellness coaches. If you have a passion for coaching and believe that wellness is the segment of the coaching industry that is right for you, certified wellness coach training is your first step on the way to a dynamic and profitable career. Who Should Take a Certified Wellness Coach Training Program? People with a love for coaching and helping others are the ideal candidates for a certified … [Read more...]