Executive Coaching Fees

The Fairest Approach to Executive Coaching Fees

When it comes to executive coaching fees, there are a lot of approaches. So much for a session. So much per hour. And something called the value-based approach. There are some pros and cons, but if done right, I believe that using value-based fees can be the fairest approach. Besides, it puts your wallet where your mouth is! How Do Value-Based Fees Work Whether with executive coaching fees, consulting fees, commissions or royalties, the idea behind value-based fees is to tie the money you … [Read more...]

Do Your Executive Coaching Fees Make You Giggle?

The famous marketing expert, Dan Kennedy, says that he has his chiropractor clients practice explaining their fees into a mirror, until they can do it without giggling. If you giggle when you explain your executive coaching fees, then you and these chiropractors have something in common: you don’t appreciate the value to your clients of the services that you provide. Value Is in the Eye of the Client One of the first things you need to realize when you set your executive coaching fees is that … [Read more...]