The Right Way to Ask How do You Become a Coach

How do you become a coach who has all the answers? Ha Ha Ha!! That was a trick question. You don’t. You will never have all the answers. There are so many people out there who are ready and able to become coaches. The only thing standing in the way is asking the most common “how do you become a coach” questions rather then looking deeper. Sure, I can tell you how to get started, what books to read, what education is important and what kind of coach training options are available. I’m going to skip all of those and get to the real question you SHOULD be asking.

How do You Become a Coach Who Honors Integrity?

Integrity you say Jeannine? YES! Integrity I say friends. If you want to know how it is you do find success once you become a life coach, look no further then the measure of your integrity.

It is easy to make excuses. With integrity you become whole, entirely trustworthy and create strong relationships. As a coach you need to be able to make time for yourself, your clients and your business in a consistent way that lasts.

If I could ask the worlds best coach, advice on starting my coaching practice, I would ask: How do you become a coach who increases their integrity within their word and commitments?

Focus on creating a strong bond with the standard of your integrity and you will have found the first place to finding success as a life coach.

How To Get Where You Are Want Need to be

Be honest about where you are.

If you want to find the level of integrity that is going to help you discover how you become a coach who bathes in endless success, you need to be honest. Take a good look at how you manage your relationship with integrity.

These questions will help you decide the current level of your integrity:

  • Do you make last minute cancellations because of your mood or small circumstances?
  • Do you show up on time?
  • Do you return phone calls and emails?
  • Do you take time to respond to questions?
  • Do you do what you say you are going to do?
  • Do you spend more time creating stories that sound convincing then you Do communicating honestly?
  • Do you consider the feelings and needs of other before your own?
  • Do you honor your commitments before the feelings of others when it is necessary?

You should have a pretty good idea after answering these questions where you can begin working to add a higher dose of integrity to your daily life/

The Exciting News

Does you becoming a life coach mean you will become a better person? I’ll raise my hand for this one!

Yes it does.

Integrity is key the ingredient in building a business that will last. Your word will ignite a passion and trust that will shift how the world reacts to you. So. next time you want to ask a how do you become a coach question, check where you are on the integrity map.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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    Becoming a coach needs to come from a place of authenticity. How authentic are you living your life? Your job as a coach is to help people get their answers from within themselves by asking the right questions. Integrity and authenticity indeed are powerful skills a good coach must posses.

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