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If you were starting a career coach college, what courses would you offer? What skills do you think are the most important for a successful career coach to possess? Well, if it were my career coach college, I would offer as wide a variety of subjects as possible so my college could provide all the necessary skills needed to graduate students who will go on to successful and rewarding employment in the career coaching field.

Here are the main courses at my career coach college and the course descriptions.

Social Networking 101

Discover why Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are not just for kids. They are for people who want to promote themselves and advance their career or business. In this course, students will learn everything there is to know about social networking and how to transfer this knowledge to their clients.

Linkedin 101

Learn how to use Linkedin to further your career and the careers of your clients. Learn how to create informative and keyword-rich profiles that engage the reader. You will also become knowledgeable on how to use groups and connections to benefit your business and your client’s careers.

Marketing Yourself 101

Everyone needs to sell themselves. You will learn techniques and skills that will help your clients market and promote themselves in the job market. You will learn skills that will help them get jobs and promotions.

Job Searching Strategies 101

In this course, you will given all the tools and knowledge necessary to help your clients begin their search for a job. Whether they are just entering the job market or starting a new career, this course will help you help them become experts in finding job opportunities.

Job Searching Strategies 201

This is a follow up to Job Searching Strategies 101, and offers skills and knowledge on how to find better jobs in a chosen field. This course will provide you with ways to help your client move up in their particular profession.

Marketing Your Business 101

Many career coach colleges may overlook this one, but my college will have a detailed course on marketing and promotion. No matter how great a coach you are, you will need to market your business. This course will provide you with strategies and techniques to successfully market your practice, whether you have been in business for a long time or are just starting out.

Choosing a Career 101

You may have clients who know what career they want to enter and you may have clients who have no clue what they want to do. This course will teach you ways to help your clients make this most important decision. This course will be filled with questions, exercises, life scenarios, and other ways to help your clients select a career path.

Organization for the Disorganized

A skill that any good career coach college should teach, organization is a key to running a smoothly operating coaching practice. This course will teach you how to keep all you legal papers in order, how to become a good manager of time, and how to keep notes and information on your clients organized and easily accessible. It’s not a good career coach college if it doesn’t offer a class on organization.

If you want to be a coach, you need training and education. Sure, it’s possible to rent an office, hang out a sign with your name and coaching title, and start advertising for coaching clients. But, without the proper training and education, do you think clients will be beating down your door? No way! You need training – the kind of training a good career coach college can offer. Like mine!

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