What is Certified Wellness Coach Training?

Certified wellness coach training is designed to empower, educate, and establish trained and certified wellness coaches. If you have a passion for coaching and believe that wellness is the segment of the coaching industry that is right for you, certified wellness coach training is your first step on the way to a dynamic and profitable career.

Who Should Take a Certified Wellness Coach Training Program?

People with a love for coaching and helping others are the ideal candidates for a certified wellness coaching training program. Students with knowledge or experience in the fields of anatomy, physiology, exercise science, diet, nutrition, and behavioral science are perfectly suited to enter the world of wellness coaching. If you love coaching and are interested in health and wellness, you are the perfect candidate for a certified wellness coaching training program.

Components of a Wellness Coaching Program

  • What is wellness coaching?
  • Starting a business/marketing your business
  • The skills of a wellness coach – how to teach wellness and change behaviors
  • Psychological, emotional, and social aspects of wellness and health.
  • What is wellness – body wellness, physical wellness, mental wellness.
  • How to measure wellness
  • Teaching lifestyle changes and long-term wellness strategies.
  • Managing your business.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but any good certified wellness coach training program will incorporate these concepts in their certification program.

The Top Reason to Become a Wellness Coach

For many people there is a huge gap between the desire to live and be well, and the realities of living a healthy lifestyle. It is often difficult to live well when faced with the mental, emotional, and physical realities of eating well, exercising, avoiding stress, and having more quality time in a fast-paced, fast-food world. This is why certified wellness coaches are needed. Most people don’t even know what a wellness coach is, but those that do, know that they can transform lives. The top reason to become a wellness coach – there is a HUGE need!

The Future of Wellness Coaching

The future looks bright for wellness coaching. More people are becoming aware of wellness coaches and what they do. One trend that may boost the industry is the growing number of physicians who are becoming aware of wellness coaches. Physician referrals to wellness coaches and the inclusion of wellness coaching in health plans is still at an embryonic stage, but this will most likely change as the wellness industry continues to expand. Doctors and health care providers will undoubtedly recognize the benefits that coaches provide, which will increase referrals and eventually lead to inclusion in health care plans.

Why is Certification Essential?

  • Establishes that you have met a minimum standard of training and knowledge.
  •  Assures the public that you are properly trained and educated.
  • Assures the public that you have pursued continued education in the field.
  • You become part of a growing community of professionally trained coaches with a passion for helping people achieve their wellness goals.

If you live a healthy life and have a desire to help others pursue a healthy lifestyle, wellness coaching is a great career choice. It is a dynamic field with the possibility of making a very good living. Being a wellness coach also ensures that you remain immersed in a healthy lifestyle. Certified wellness coach training is the fist step to making this career a reality.

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