Who Should Enroll in Certified Wellness Coach Training?

Wellness coaching is a booming business and the best way to get into the industry is to start your certified wellness coach training as soon as possible. Wellness has become a trillion dollar industry, and with all the aging baby-boomers, and the millions of young adults choosing healthy lifestyles, the wellness industry, in all its forms, will continue to grow. When starting or changing a career, look for an industry that is experiencing rapid growth and is projected to continue that growth – … [Read more...]

What is Certified Wellness Coach Training?

Certified wellness coach training is designed to empower, educate, and establish trained and certified wellness coaches. If you have a passion for coaching and believe that wellness is the segment of the coaching industry that is right for you, certified wellness coach training is your first step on the way to a dynamic and profitable career. Who Should Take a Certified Wellness Coach Training Program? People with a love for coaching and helping others are the ideal candidates for a certified … [Read more...]