My Ideal Career Coach College

If I wanted to start my own career coach college, what would be the curriculum? What classes would I teach? What would I charge? Why would I start a career coach college? The Coaching Industry is Booming The coaching industry has been growing for several years, and there is no slowdown in sight. Why this boom in the coaching industry? The traditional working world is disappearing. Job security hardly exists, many positions are being phased out by automation, and the world is getting … [Read more...]

Career Coach College – Making the Transition

Pretend that I'm a career coach college and not a writer ( well, some will say that I'm not a writer, but that's a different story or debate). My career coach college has a special class about making the transition from having a career to coaching careers. It's a basic career coach college course – Transition 101 - and if you thinking of becoming a coach, it is a mandatory course in my college. Career Coach College – Transition 101 Getting tired of sitting behind a desk, hiding in a cubicle, … [Read more...]

My Career Coach College

If you were starting a career coach college, what courses would you offer? What skills do you think are the most important for a successful career coach to possess? Well, if it were my career coach college, I would offer as wide a variety of subjects as possible so my college could provide all the necessary skills needed to graduate students who will go on to successful and rewarding employment in the career coaching field. Here are the main courses at my career coach college and the course … [Read more...]