Why You Should Not Become a Coach

Don’t become a coach. That’s right, coaching is not for you! Well, at least it’s not for you if you enjoy a boring work day sitting in a cubicle, hiding from an overbearing boss, and typing up useless reports.

Become a Life Coach

Did you see the classic comedy movie, Office Space? The main characters hated their jobs as they slaved away for an unbearable boss, performed useless tasks, were crushed by boredom, and never received any recognition, reward, or share of the profits. If that looked good to you, don’t become a coach.

5 Reasons You Should Not Become a Coach

  • • You love having no real responsibility.
    • You enjoy clocking in and out every day at the same time.
    • You detest human interaction and avoid it like the plague.
    • You love routine.
    • You have no desire to help other people succeed.

Do You Like to Make Money For Someone Else?

Coaches have flexibility in the careers. They can elect to work for someone, or they can blaze a trail on their own. They can decide to work for themselves and not for someone else. They can create alternate sources of income to put their career into a higher gear.

If you like working hard and earning profits for someone else, then coaching is probably not the right gig for you.

5 Reasons You Should Become a Coach

If you read this far and are still thinking of becoming a coach, here are a few good reasons to make the decision to start pursuing your coaching career:

  • You see the world through rose-colored glasses and always view the glass as half full. Coaching is a realistic but inherently positive profession. You don’t work with negatives; you see obstacles as challenges and problems as opportunities.
  • You enjoy working your own hours and being your own boss. This doesn’t mean you get to be a slacker. Hard work matters and coaches work hard, but if you have a passion for it, it sure doesn’t seem like hard work.
  • You love mysteries, riddles, puzzles, and mazes. When you work with the goals and dreams of others, you have to be great at figuring out what motivates, inspires, and challenges your clients. You have to be able to determine the best way for them to overcome obstacles and to reach for the dreams. When you first see a client, they are a mystery, a riddle, a maze, and a puzzle to be solved.
  • You love to challenge yourself. What could be more challenging than being a coach and dealing with the emotions and aspirations of various individuals? Coaching offers challenges that are more diverse and creative than most other work environments.
  • When you coach others, you also coach yourself. That’s right – being a coach also supports your own personal growth and development. As a coach, you commit yourself to continuing education, lifelong growth, and the achievement of goals and dreams. When you become a coach you also become your own life coach!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. says

    Very good Fred. Coaching does make you grow as a person. While coaching others you also learn new things about yourself. Great reasons for being a coach.
    Have a great day.

  2. Honey says

    Despising change and human interaction means the coaching career is not for you. Helping others and being able to share your knowledge and ideas is part of what coaching is about and if you enjoy this then a coaching career can be for you.

  3. Karen says

    This post hits the mark. If you love routine and hate responsibility then a coaching career is no way the career for you.

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