How to break through your fears in your coaching business [3 simple steps]

In last week’s email (check it out HERE on Medium), I shared my dirty little secret about the lie I told myself…

Which was really covering up my fears…

What’s worse?

My fear covered up what I needed to let go of so I could start making progress in my coaching business…

Here’s what’s crazy…

It only took me 3 simple steps to free myself from that fear and break through my mental block.

Those 3 steps help peel away 3 ‘layers’ just like peeling an onion…

Here’s how to use these steps to break through your own mental blocks that might be stopping you…

The first step?

Recognize the lie that you’re telling yourself.

“But Colette, I don’t lie… especially to myself!”

That may be true.


Your brain is wired to omit, distort, or obscure options and issues, and that can get pretty deceptive.

And it’s not your fault.

Your brain is ‘built’ that way as a safety mechanism.

Your brain is just trying to protect you.

So, even if you’re not really lying, wherever there are mental blocks, there’s some level of deception going on in the brain.

So I’m just going to be blunt and call that a ‘lie’.

For example… I originally thought,

“I don’t have time for my coaching business because my family needs me…”

As long as I told myself this lie…

…I had a good reason to avoid working on my business…

…which kept me from failing…

…and THAT kept me ‘safe’.

Notice that this thought seems like a completely rational statement.

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The second step…

Identify the fears the ‘lie’ covers up.

My fear?

My fear was the fear of putting 100% into my coaching business and failing.

Third and final step?

Decide what you need to let go of.

Hint: It’s not usually what you think it is.

For example…

…I thought I had to let go of being a good mom.

But, in reality…

…I had to let go of using my family as a scapegoat for my lack of success in my coaching business.

Sound ugly? It should!

Once you realize what you need to let go of…

You’ll feel like a cat hocking up a furball.

It will be so disgusting…

…that you’ll never want to go back to the old patterns.

If you think there might be a mental block in the way of your success, then follow these 3 steps to discover those 3 layers of insight.

If you think there might be a mental block in the way of your success, then follow these 3 steps to discover those 3 layers of insight.”

It’s one of the fastest ways I’ve found to ‘turn lemons into lemonade’…

…and it’ll help you get your head straight so you can get to work on your coaching business.

Reply to this article and let me know what layers you found. I promise I’ll read and respond.

Colette “3 layers to Lemonade” Coiner

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