The Pains And Pleasures Of Blogging When You Become A Coach: Part I

If you want clients when you become a coach, daily blogging as part of an internet marketing plan is fast becoming a must.  So what is it like writing a blog?  The journey’s been rough but rewarding so far, definitely a mix of pain and pleasure for me!  Here are some of my musings on the pleasures of the blogging process……

Being On The Blogging Team At JTS Advisors

The coaches training blog at JTS Advisors has been providing great content for several years, and I joined as a writer a few months ago.  Three of us are contributing right now and it’s our responsibility to have a new post seven days a week.  It’s my first experience with blogging and there are lots of rules for using a blog as an effective marketing tool when you become a coach.  Getting comfortable with blog writing has taken much longer than I expected!

The Pleasures Of Writing A Blog When You Become A Coach

When you first become a coach, or at least when I first became one, I was  focused on building my coaching skills.  Then I realized that I also need to market my business in order to have clients.  Both coaching and marketing are served by writing a blog, so it seemed like a good idea to learn from a master like Jeff, and start writing.

I noticed early in my blog-writing endeavors that I was paying attention to plays, TV shows, radio shows, etc. through a new filter.  When you become a coach, you start to notice that many people in your life could benefit from coaching.  But with the necessity for finding topics to blog about, I began to tune in to examples of good and bad coaching (in my estimation) everywhere I went.  I often reference films, TV, plays, or operas–all rich sources of inspiration for the blog.  True, it is sometimes an unwelcome distraction from being entertained, but my coach’s hat is always on now.  I jot down quotes in theatre programs and write notes to myself when something inspires me for a blog, and I carry a tiny digital voice recorder in case I think of something or hear something while driving.

Another advantage I’ve found in blogging is that I’ve been forced to pay attention to topics I might not otherwise have focused on.  When you become a coach, you need to think about getting clients and running a business as well as about coaching.  A blog post has to have good, varied content and be well written, so blogging has encouraged me to broaden my focus and organize my thinking on sales, marketing and numerous aspects of coaching that inspire me.

I also enjoy the challenge of the actual writing.  There are numerous opportunities for writing when you become a coach— e-books, print books and blogs, to name some. But blogging is personal.  It has a lot of you in it.  I came into the blogging world with a very pedantic scholarly writing style but I’m learning to be more playful and that is a pleasure for me.  I hope it’s a pleasure for you, too!

Have you ever heard the expression “Life’s short.  Eat dessert first!”?  Well, you’ve had my take on the dessert.  The rest will have to wait for another day.

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Dorine G Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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