How To Become A Coach: Manufacturing Celebrity Status

To become a coach who rises to the top of the coaching pyramid fast and makes tons of money, you have to manufacture a celebrity status to thrust you into star like status. You’ve got to be willing and able to play the promotion game or you’ll end up in utter poverty and kicked to the curb like 90% of the lazy, losers out there who dare to call themselves a coach.

What I’m coaching you on today is my 3 step formula for how to follow the Lady Gaga path to create your coaching practice celebrity status fast, so you’ll be seen as a celebrity by your clients and you can then get paid the big bucks like a coach who has become a superstar.

Become a coach by manufacturing celebrity status

My formula for how to become a celebrity coach works for any coach no matter who you want to coach.

Becoming a coach is more than just learning a bunch of cool coaching technologies. You need to select a market you can serve and make a difference. You’ve got to overcome a few things to breakthrough to celebrity status.

Becoming a coach celebrity Formula:

1. Squash your anxiety
2. Build-up your: I’ve seen you somewhere identity
3. Know your stuff

1. Squash your anxiety

Stage fright has to fall by the wayside if you want to become a coach with a celebrity buzz. You’ve got to speak live. You’ve got to be willing to make videos and post them all over the Internet to be seen by viewers around the world.

Being afraid or not letting go of your ridiculous perfection will hold you back, and the scenery at the back of a pack of dogs isn’t very interesting. Truth be told, people who will watch your videos online want to see the real you. No matter how imperfect you may be.

Before you shoot your videos, shake out your body, loosen up your body so you don’t appear stiff. Know that you’re in control and you can record as many times as you need to feel comfortable that you’ve put your best foot forward. Get into your coach’s state of mind.

Speaking at live events and making lots of free videos so people can get to know you and get familiar with your talents in helping them get what they want in life, you will quickly catapult your celebrity status over the rainbow.

One last tip is to make sure that everything you do on the Internet and in the press leads back to your blog. On your blog, you can continue to engage, relate to, and educate your market until they’re ready to hire you as their celebrity coach.

2. Build-up your: I’ve seen you somewhere identity

You need broad exposure to become a coach with celebrity status. Once you’re over your selfish fears of being recorded, you’ll be ready for print, radio, and TV. Then you need a clear message or a relevant topic for what’s going on out there that you can be the resource for the press. It’s simple.

You figure out what the problem is for your audience. Find media outlets that target your audience. Then you call on the news outlets and let them know you can be a media resource for them for that target audience.

PR Tips:
1. No the problem people are facing out there in your media market
2. Have 3 solutions or points to make
3. Stay on message (always come back to your 3 points know matter what they ask you)

3. Know your stuff

You are an expert, right? The answer should have been yes. Now you may need to fake it a bit until you make it, but you need to prepare to become an expert.

– Dress like an expert in your market
– Get working on your book
– Earn an endorsement from someone who already has star like qualities

Focus and know more about your target audience and their fears, frustrations, and doubts than your competition. In your videos and on your blog, ask for feedback and comments on your work so you’re connected at the hip with the problems and the solutions people want and need in your media market.

With my celebrity creating formula you can rapidly Become a coach with celebrity like status by following these 3 simple, star-making steps.

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Donald R. Hunter, MBA, Certified Financial Planner
JTS Certified Accountability Coach

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