How to Get Coaching Clients, Free Coach Training

Why coach for free?

Should you coach people for free? Yes, but not too much. Every successful coach started out by giving free coaching. Most veteran coaches offer a free, one-time discovery session. And so should you. But that’s it. No. more. free. coaching. Any more free coaching will cost you paying clients… and possibly, your coaching business. Any more free coaching will cost you paying clients… and possibly, your coaching business." What are the problems with too much free … [Read more...]

In Your Face Life Coach Training: A Free Coach Training Session From An Unlikely Source

Life Coach Training Can Happen Anywhere A friend of mine sent me some free coach training at the end of an email. It simply stated, “Don’t let what you cant’ do prevent you from doing what you can!” This life coach training came from my friend Annie, who is an amputee. She lost both legs above the knees and most and her fingers due to a severe illness that almost took her life. She is someone who really lives this message, so coming from her it is a life coach training in itself. Her free coach … [Read more...]

How to Become a Coach: Free Coach Training to Get You Started

If you’re just starting to try to figure out how to become a coach and are looking for some free coach training resources, the whole thing can seem impossible.  Everyone has excuses why they can’t do something.  But if you’re really committed to the process of how to become a coach, focus on what you can do instead of what you can’t.  Instead of focusing on the fact that you don’t have time or money, do what you can do now.  Here are some free coach training tips to help you find resources right … [Read more...]

NLP Life Coaching: Free Coaching Training to Change Your Clients Limiting Beliefs

NLP life coaching offers a lot of technology that can transform a client within a single coaching session. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) teaches the ability to have someone rewire their belief system in a way that breaks down self-limiting beliefs and replaces them with beliefs that empower. You can spend years improving your NLP life coaching skills, but there are some techniques that you can start implementing right away to help empower your clients. Here is some free coaching training to … [Read more...]

How to Become a Motivational Coach Who Has What it Takes to Survive in Any Economy: Free Coach Training From The Survivors

Newsweek just published an amazing article that could have just as easily been titled Free Coach Training – Learn How to Become a Motivational Coach from the Experts. No, Newsweek is not going into the free coach training business. I’m referring to the February 2, 2009 issue titled, “What it Takes to Survive – Why some people walk away from a plane crash or thrive after a job loss, while others don’t stand a chance.” And what we can learn from this article is how to become motivational coach who … [Read more...]

Free Coach Training while on a ski vacation with my daughter

  I just got back from a free coach training seminar, although it was really billed as a ski trip with my daughter. She just turned 7, and although we went on a few trips when she was 4 and again 5…she is now she is a head taller. She has longer arms and legs, and a 20% increase in height and weight. Technically speaking, she is working with a new set of tools. So how is skiing like a free coach training? Because it reminds me that we are coaches 24/7. And going on this ski trip paralleled … [Read more...]