In Your Face Life Coach Training: A Free Coach Training Session From An Unlikely Source

Life Coach Training Can Happen Anywhere

A friend of mine sent me some free coach training at the end of an email. It simply stated, “Don’t let what you cant’ do prevent you from doing what you can!” This life coach training came from my friend Annie, who is an amputee. She lost both legs above the knees and most and her fingers due to a severe illness that almost took her life. She is someone who really lives this message, so coming from her it is a life coach training in itself. Her free coach training lessons started a few years ago when I was nervous about doing something outside my comfort zone. Annie was also doing something outside of her comfort zone, and I said something to the effect that she could handle it. To this she retorted, “What makes you think my challenges are less of a challenge than yours?”

Sometimes Free Coach Training Doesn’t Need Words

This life coach training hit me like a ton of bricks. How could I have devalued the challenges that she had? The challenges Annie has gone through to be able to walk again with only a single cane, the joy at being able to walk through a buffet line and put food on her own plate, even go up a flight of stairs on her own. But the real miracle in all this is not that she is able to walk again, but who she has become in the process and what she has really accomplished in her life. How she is able to encourage other women in a very big way, without drawing attention to herself. Her life is valuable life coach training.

Free Coach Training Comes in Every Shape and Size

So what’s the life coach training to be learned? The first free coach training lesson is that wherever we are, if we are growing we will have challenges. It’s not the size of the challenges we face, but how we decide to take them on. Brian Tracey wrote a book called, “Eat That Frog.” If we are faced with a big, ugly frog, we should eat it first. Even if it’s going to take several bites.

Some Free Coach Training You Have to Earn

And the second life coach training to be learned from this is that we all have excuses for not taking on the next challenge. We can wallow in a “Pity Party” or we can choose to be great. Annie was “comfortable” being confined to a wheelchair, and struggled when someone came up with a solution that would allow her to walk again. The solution was definitely disguised in overalls, and took almost a year of sweat and tears to accomplish. It was really not “free coach training” for her. She earned it.

There’s No Such Thing as Free Coach Training

What will you take home from this life coach training? What are the challenges you face? No clients? No time? No money? If you do what you can when you can do it, eventually you will find yourself closer to your goals. My father always said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” And there really is no such a thing as “free coaching training.” Something is always required of you. The question is, will you be ready to step up to the plate and take action?

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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